Saturday, July 14, 2007

Video: Nelly Furtado "Do It"

Not the best quality but it's a start:

I'll post a HQ version as soon as I get my hands on it.


  1. pretty nice vid...but hey where's missy?

  2. That was a B-side apparently

    I'm just waiting for the anti-hiphop police to come an attack the sampling (this isn't hiphop but you know what i mean).

  3. this video is maneater #2 or what ?

    they shouldve go with something more original than this, it would fit the original production better.

  4. the video looked promising at the beginning, but ended up going really downhill. it screams 80s in just about every way... and not the good 80s lol.

    i love this track, though, and i'm glad to see it getting released. does this mean the legal issues surrounding it were all sorted out?


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