Friday, July 27, 2007

Timbaland cancels 3rd leg of tour

Unfortunately due to "business issues" Tim will not be on the last leg of the Justin Timberlake tour when it comes back to the U.S. Sebastian just sent out this myspace bulletin:

****Timbaland will not be on the Justin Timberlake Tour due to business issues for the third leg. I just wanted to let those know who already have tickets and were expecting to see him. So we will not be on Tour but we will be in Vegas in the middle of August for a couple of weeks for the VMA's in Sept.

So if u will be in Vegas in August or the begining of Sept hit me up

Until then

Take Care


I'm not sure if that means Tim will be on the HBO/Timberlake special in early September which would be a big disappointment if not. I think all of his fans would love to have a HQ version of his live set from the concert.

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  1. what's gonna happen to justin's set now that tim isn't filling in for him that shit was DOPE


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