Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Katherine McPhee "Love Story" Video

Here is the video for Katherine McPhee's Danja produced 2nd single "Love Story":

"Not Ur Gril" , also produced by Danja, is being considered for her 3rd single. Props to Bigmac for the video and info!

Speaking of Danja, did you all see the myspace bulletin Danja sent out yesterday: "IN WHAT GAME DOES A KING BEAT AN ACE???" Code for something? A trick? A pun on words? You decide....


  1. *Gasps*
    Or... mayb he's tokin bout himself & Timmy. Hw cud he become the new & improved Timothy Mosley aka Timbaland? Like u said J, u decide?

  2. I hope this means the instrumental for the song will leak soon.

  3. OMG that a bad song.

    sounds like a Timbo copy-cat.
    Hey wait a sec!
    IT IS a Timbo copycat ;-)

  4. Bad song? Solid writing, great instrumentation/arrangement, strong vocal, crafted well toward its intended audience...

  5. "crafted well toward its intended audience"
    yeah true, but so are the MacD and the CocaCola songs.
    "strong vocal" u cant be serious.
    Looks like the Timbo camps tactics has gone from producing the BEST (ginuwine, aaliyah, Missy) to producing A LOT (tooo many names)

    Its Ok, ugotta make a living buts lets not kid usselves bout the quality.

  6. That Katherine McPhee track aint that bad. But she should've put out Dangerous... It would've been a better single for the summer...

    As far Danja's comment...


    It could mean a few things.

    1) Nothing serious...
    2) He could be talking about a card game.
    3) Maybe it's about him and Timbo.
    4) Maybe it's about him and King from Royal Court.
    5) Maybe it has something to do with him and T.I. (T.I. goes by the king of the south).

    Who knows tho...

  7. "Love story" doesn't sound like a Timbo track at all. It sounds more like a Rodney Jerkins joint. I think it's a hot track. Beyonce or Aguilera would've shut it down vocally, but Katharine does a good job. This should've been the lead single instead of "Over it".

    I don't think "Dangerous" would make a good single. It's too boring. The synths are overkill and the drums are jacked straight out og PCD's "Wait a minute".

    I'm glad she didn't go for "Open toes", because as hot as that track is and as hot as Katharine rdies the beat, it doesn't suit her.

    Either "Not ur girl" or "Each other" should be the next single.

  8. Love Story is a hot track, but it doesn't fit Katherine's persona, especially after a song like "Over It." :p
    She went from a sexier Hilary Duff popish swagger to Beyonce's swagger lol. It don't seem genuine. It's almost like Celine Dion singin' Aretha Franklin's Respect lol. I'm all for tryin somethin new, and I aint sayin she can't do that type of music, but she should to stay in that pop, light hearted R&B mode that people recognize her for.

  9. I agree on the next single choices, J. I'd vote for "Each Other" that track.

  10. Also, I wouldn't say the "Dangerous" drums were jacked from "Wait A Minute" at all. That's a VERY common drum pattern.

  11. Yeah, true... that is a common drum pattern...Dangerous sounds more like the song "Maneater" from Hall and Oates...




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