Monday, July 9, 2007

Rumor: Timbaland bringing Michael Jackson back?

Now ya'll should know by now I HATE rumors. I do my best to steer clear of them but more so to prove them wrong. So why post a rumor now then Boogie? Simply because I always love to bring a great discussion to The Chronicles and this particular rumor hopefully will generate a good one. Here it is:

****Timbaland has been talking a lot of talk about retiring and passing the torch. I think that’s all a diversion to do what no other producer can do. A lot of Hip-Hop producers are talking pop this, pop that, talking about how they are working with all these pop stars. Well, Justin is the new King of Pop and I’m hearing Timbaland is about to mess with the old King for his coveted comeback. That’s right. I heard Timbaland is going to be moving Michael Jackson from his Dubai home to Virginia Beach so he can bring Mike back. A lotta Hip-Hop producers do pop, but Tim has worked with pop stars like Bjork. Can he bring back MiJack?****


You got to love illseed from and even more so because he spelled Timberland wrong. So my question is do you think IF this rumor was true that Timbaland could bring Michael Jackson back considering all of what MJ has been through these last say 5 years?



  1. IF it is true, I'm sure Tim is the only producer who has THE creativity to work with someone like MJ and the only one who could bring him back BIG!! Since i am a Timbo fan, i have allways said I would love to hear a MJ Album produced by Tim!

  2. MJ dont need bringing back, and Justin AINT the king...

    but timbaland could probably "bring him back" in a mainstream popularity sense and should be the one to do so..

  3. I love both Michael Jackson and Timbaland but I have doubts about MJ and Timbaland working together.
    If you think that Dr. Dre is a perfectionist you should see MJ's working spirit.
    This is gonna sound wrong but Tim's/Danja's beats are to "sloppy" for Michael Jackson, MJ need real anthems.
    One track or two "back in the beat club days beats" delivered from Timbo, the rest of the album by Teddy Riley, R. Kelly and and Rodney Jerkins, and I'd be happy.
    It would be cool to hear what Dr. Dre and MJ could bring together.
    Or maby MJ could bring back the monsterious sound Neptunes once had, can't believe he turned down "U don't have to call", that beat would've fitted him well. But that just explains how much of a perfectionist he is, he that beat had no hook.

  4. That would be great. But juste two or three song.

    Will.I.Am is actually producing the album.

  5. Timbo already brought MJ back. FutureSex/LoveSounds was the new Thriller!


  6. well hey pharrells trying to bring janet back why cant tim bring mj back.. if this is true tim better give mike the hottest beats ever and it better not sound like futuresex/lovesongs vol 2

  7. MJ should calm down and do a reality tv show or some shit to get money, whatever he does now will only be a shadow of his former career, and he'll never be able to shake the comparisons.

    Tim and MJ would make an interesting sound i think, but his shit wont sell

  8. I guess the real question is who could bring Michael Jackson back?

  9. Boogie:

    I think it would be great if Teddy Riley and Michael would get back together in the studio.
    They did some amazing tracks on Dangerous.
    And you know, just bring back all the producers he used to work with. Bill Botrell, Quincy Jones & Rod Temperton for three exemples.

    They need to bring back the "real" music.
    And R. Kelly needs to stop producing the bullshit music he sold out with on the last album and go and produce another "You Are Not Alone".

    And you know, just maby collab with cats out there that have a soulfull sound like Robin Thicke, he have produced a nice song for Michael Jackson called "Fall again" that they never finsihed recording, but there's a demo on the internet and on the 4-cd collection he released some year ago.

  10. True Hammer I hear you for sure. I guess my next question is would in be current. Can Teddy Riley, Qunicy Jones, etc still make current radio friendly hits that would ensure a comeback for someone as big as Michael Jackson. Becasue as you know most people are going to be quick to hate on him regardless of his music so he needs to really come with a masterpiece to change people's perceptions. That is if he cares about that...

    Yeah I know Floetry hooked him up with "Butterflies" and that track was dope so true it can be done.

  11. Boogie:

    Exactly that's my worry, that people are so quick to judge after everything the media and tabloids say/write that they never think for themselves.

    I think Michael needs a real monsterhit and a "wow-factor" to really set ground again.
    Like the first time I heard SexyBack, I was amazed because it was a whole new side of Justin (and Tim) we've never heard before.
    I mean it's the first time Justin's even cursing on record.

    It's kinda like when Michael put out "Scream" with Janet and towards the end they're sayin "Stop fucking me".
    Michael need a track like Scream, that just make all the other music on the radio today seem like bullshit music.
    I mean, still today Scream sounds more futuristic and well produced than most music.

    It's so sad that people let themselves get fucked by record labels by purshasing songs and ringtones to bullshit music like T-Pain, Ying Yang Twins, and many other "artists".

    It's like said, we need to bring back the monstrosity in music, and who better to do it than the one who invented it, that is Michael Jackson.

  12. About the producers, it's another worry.
    I really don't know, Teddy havn't produced for years but if they all could get together and put all egos to the side and just focus on music I think it can happend.

    And you know, for some reason I want to see Dr. Dre there also.
    If he puts out Detox and get that out of the way and just clear the schedule for a year and have his studio as the main studio where they all get together, I think they could make history.
    Just have Dr. Dre and the executive producer and have all the other producers drop by.
    Dre brings in Tim one day for world class moth percussion/beatbox and drumpatterns.
    Dre brings in Scott Storch for world class keys.
    Dre brings in Teddy Riley for the special fx and electric stuff.
    Dre brings in R. Kelly for the emotional stuff.
    And Dre brings in Mario Winans, Quincy and Rod for showing that the 80's sound stuff is the bomb.

    I mean, if someone could finance an album like that. It would be the best album to this day.


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