Friday, July 6, 2007

BossPlayya presents: Timstrumental of the Week

BossPlayya checkin w/ the Timstrumental this week.

It's my daughter's birthday on sunday, so I decided I'ma dedicate July to the ladies. Timbaland has produced many great tracks thruout his career, and his chemistry w/ the females is always nice

For the first one, I'ma go back to the beginning of 1997. The BOOTY CALL soundtrack to the movie starring Jamie Foxx and Vivica A Fox came out. It was dominated by established artists such as R Kelly and Joe, had at the time fledgling producer Rodney Jerkins on there AND...Sisters With Voices were back with a new song.

I had no idea, CAN WE hadn't gotten single status yet, but that joint instantly became my fave off that cd. It stayed on repeat, I was happy as hell to see the Timbaland name in the credits. 'Dude is unstoppable' I remember thinkin...ONE IN A MILLION, THE BACHELOR and he kept it goin with this. The song became a huge radio smash, at least where I was livin. It didn't really help album sales, SWV squandered that by releasing it's album way too late.

It's a shame we never got to hear SWV do more tracks with Tim. Aside from Coko's HE'LL BE BACK, we probably won't hear her over a Tim beat again. This is a great track that has that signature 96/97 Timbo sound that was 'changing' R&B radio (as Tim has put it very often). Anyway, here goes CAN WE by SWV, a highlight of the Timbaland/Missy partnership.

SWV//CAN WE timstrumental


  1. TIm said many years back in an interview (which I will be posting soon) that this was his favorite beat he ever did. Good look Rod!

  2. It's one of my favorite classic Tim beats.
    It just encompasses that whole era that Tim was making his name in. Perfection.



  4. yea tim did say it was his favourite beat ever lol

  5. i love this beat, its great. it is one of the best tim beats, real smooth.

    i was wondering could you post the Memphis bleek instrumental of "is that your chick" next please (if there is an instrumental of it)

  6. can i make a request for nelly furtado's tim remix of 'turn off the lights' instrumental??

    thanks rod!


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