Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nelly Furtado "Do It" Remix F/ Missy Elliott

When I got this track I thought for sure it was a fake. I figured it would be an unmastered version of "Do It" with an added Missy verse off Supa Dupa Fly or an obscure B Side yet I was very suprised that the track is indeed authentic. The real question is what is this track from? After all the negativity, all the uproar, and all the controversy is Nelly going to release "Do It"? Yes indeed "Do It" will be Nelly's 5th single and will be released to radio on July 24th. No word on a video yet but you know we'll let you know when we find out. Obviously any and all legal matters have been taken care of and, drama free, now we all can enjoy:

Nelly Furtado "Do It" Remix F/ MIssy Elliott"

Speaking of Nelly Furtado, she will be performing a live 5 song concert under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France in recognition of Bastille Day on July 14th. It will be air live on Prime Time and be taped by France 2 national TV.



    that should answer all


  3. @ anonymous
    Hey men! I like ur hard ur work researchin' the instrumentals fo this tracc, seriously it pays off cause u cnt find it on even limewire. But unfortunately fo me, it doesnt sound like the proper proper instrumentals of tracc TO ME! dnt ever get me wrong men am juss sayin to me earin', its not it. Gud job though!

  4. Finally, we got the Timstru, lovin it.


    hit us off with another classic timbo inst boss playa!!

  6. yo guys i need ur help to find a good cd quality instrumental for ll's 'headsprung' and possibly for 'rub my back' if that was ever released as a cd single...

    if anyone has it, can u can hit me on aim: icandiscjock

    thanks guys!

  7. This was produced by Danja too, how come he isn't listed on the CD? *shrugs*

    Also, if you want the instrumental, just find "Acid jazzed evening". "Do it" is pretty much that but with a drum and a bassline. The only aspects of "Do it" aside from the lyrics is the bridge section.

    The beat theft incident: He stole it!!!

    I mixed the two songs and put it up at the end of the post. Check it out!

  8. Yeah, that's kinda weird that Danja's name isn't on the CD. Maybe he didn't want to be associated w/ the "theft" controversy when the song's released as a single.


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