Sunday, July 1, 2007

Remix Project: Week 5 Winners and Week 6 entries

Here we are at another week closed. Lots of new music on The Chronicles for all of ya'll and of course yet another week done for the remix project. We have 2 more winners for last week's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" remixe and that would be Smiff and Helmoholtz both with 8 votes. Wow we only had a total of 24 votes. It really seems like the project is fading.

I have hope, however, that the porject will stay afloat especially looking at this week's entries. I got 11 total which is great and I thank each of you for rallying behind the project to keep it alive. Let's keep up the effort! Thanks everyone!

Here they are for week 6, the halfway point of the project:

Mixtape Project Week 6 Entries


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