Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tim WILL be on Tour

Sebastian just released this bulletin via myspace:

****Timbaland will be on the tour with Justin Timberlake up to August 29th then back after Sept 9th (MTV VMAs) to rejoin the tour. I will join up with the tour on August 15th in NYC, then Canada and thru August 29th then its off to Vegas for the VMAs. So i'm sorry for the misunderstanding in the beginning. So i hope to see u there and i'll keep u guys informed on parties that we will be having in selected cities.****

Remember Spetember 3rd!

1 comment :

  1. Yes! He cancelled his show here in Edmonton on the 5th of August, but I was hoping he'd still accompany Justin when he's here on the 28th and I'm glad he is. My box suite is gonna be filled with girls who will be kissing my feet for bringing them bwuhahaha (for Timberlake more than Timbo, but I'm probably just as excited to see Tim spin!)!


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