Friday, July 13, 2007

BossPlayya presents: the Timstrumental of the Week

So I said July was gon be representing the ladies and that's mostly true this week.

I'm puttin 2 Timstrus out there this week. Last week's females were SWV w/ a Tim track from back in the day!! Tim has new fans that might not even have been born in 97! So, breakin from the established format, we gon go recent w/ this week's set.

First track, we're goin w/ The D.E.Y. Big A been educated people about this group a lil while back (2 guys, one GIRL), so go and re-read the archives. Regardless of what U think of this group, it all just falls away when you hear the Timstrumental, the whole track acquires a new dimension. This one is produced by TIMBALAND & The Royal Court (ICE BOX, NO DEFINITION, REARVIEW, ANONYMOUS, BEG FOR IT).

The D.E.Y.//GET THE FEELING timstru

Next, it's Nelly Furtado. Her latest single is DO IT. Damn that LOOSE album is deep w/ the singles! And that means more Timstrus! This is the track that has had many a talkback/comment box debate ablaze about it.

By now everyone knows the story so I aint even trying to get into it. I know there are 3 versions of this track. The original, the remake and Tim & Danja's version. All I gotta say is Good, Better, Best.

Next week, Nelly Furtado ft. Ms Jade versus Ms Jade ft Nelly Furtado (?!? -- Make sense?)

Nelly Furtado//DO IT timstru


  1. great instrumentals Rod, good work. im guessing the Nelly Furtado ft. Ms Jade is "turn off the light remix" and Ms Jade ft Nelly Furtado is "ching ching", if so great choice of instrumentals those two songs are great. i was wondering, the week after you do the nelly furtado ones, since you are doing women's month could you post the "Total ft missy elliott" song "what about us" please (if there is an instrumental for that) or Brandy's afrodisiac. thanx

  2. Total almost made it this week, I have that, so maybe later this month. Afrodidiac is great too. Tim got week after week of instrus comin!

  3. ok great to hear. thanx

  4. Definitely loving that D.E.Y. track.

  5. Thanks Rod!

    Looking forward to those Nelly instrumentals!

  6. to the first commentor. i have that inst for 'what about us' if you're interested in getting it now. cause i know rod's busy doin his thing, gettin hype insts for us.

    if you have aim: icandiscjock

  7. nah man i dont have aim. my computer is very slow if i download aim, it would be even slower


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