Thursday, July 26, 2007

Open Labs® Releases Timbaland Special Edition Miko™ Portable

****** - FOR RELEASE ON: FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2007 -


Super-Producer and Artist Timbaland Adds His Special Touch to Open Labs’ MiKo Keyboard Workcenter Including New Sound Library, 4GB of RAM and Arctic White Chassis.

Austin, Texas (Summer NAMM Show) – Open Labs, the leading designer and developer of computer based music production solutions, introduced the Timbaland Special Edition MiKo keyboard workcenter today. Building on the standard features of the MiKo LX, an all-in-one portable studio powered by Windows™ XP that is capable of running virtually any Windows XP compatible software including a variety of DAW software, virtual instruments (VSTi), virtual effects (VST) and other music applications, the Timbaland Special Edition takes this robust instrument to an entirely new level of performance and creativity.

“I’ve made the new Timbaland Special Edition MiKo with Tim’s Touch,” said Timbaland, “It’s got everything I need in a single box and when I use it, we make masterpieces.” “Timbaland is really on top of the world right now. His music is everywhere,” said President of Open Labs, Victor Wong. “To think that he is using our gear to produce these hits is cool, but the fact that he has put a little bit of himself into the MiKo, making it an even better instrument, is incredible. This is all very exciting for us.” “We are honored that Timbaland asked us to help create his ultimate instrument,” said E-MU’s Senior Product Manager, Ichi Nagai. “We are excited to put together the exclusive Ensoniq Urban Legends Sound Library for Open Labs that contains many of Timbaland’s favorite sounds that he’s used in his work over the years.” The Timbaland Special Edition MiKo will start shipping on August 15, 2007. The estimated street price is: $3,899 and includes the following:

Timbaland Special Edition MiKo Technical Specifications:
-Keyboard: 37-key semi-weighted synth action keyboard (World class Fatar® Technology)
-CPU: Core2 Duo® Dual-core 64-bits (2.1GHz)
-Control Surfaces: Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels, Trackpad with 2 Buttons, Keyboard (“QWERTY”) Module, Alpha Control Module (5 Faders, 5 Modes Buttons, 3 Transpose Buttons, 5 Directions Buttons and 5 Transport Buttons), DJ Module: Penny and Giles® Cross-Fader, 7 Knobs and 12 Buttons
-Memory: 4GB RAM
-Expansion Slots: (3) PCI Slots (2 avail. for upgrades), (3) PCI-E Slots (2 avail. for upgrades), (2) 3.5” Bays: (1) Start Up Drive and (1) Available for Upgrades, (1) 5.25” Dual-Layer DVD-RW burner (8.5GB/disc)
-Audio I/O: (1) High Performance Audio I/O Card with Low Latency including 24-bit/96kHz professional 4-in/6-out : (2) mic/instrument preamp inputs (with Phantom Power 48V), (2) analog line inputs, (6) analog line outputs, S/PDIF digital I/O (coaxial)
-Storage: MiKo LX (1) 250GB, 7200RPM HD; Upgradeable to 1.5 Terabytes
-Drive: High Speed Dual-Layer 8.5GB/Disk CD/DVD Burner
-Display: Internal 15” Color Touch Screen LCD High Resolution (1024 x 768), External VGA port for running Dual Monitors or a Video Projector
-Connection: Midi In/Out, 1) Sustain and (1) Expression ports, 2) USB 2.0 ports, 3) (1) FireWire 400 port, 4) (1) Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet port, 5) (1) Headphone Jack with Volume Control
-Software: Microsoft® Windows® XP Home, Open Labs Custom GUI (Graphic User Interface), Open Labs mFusion®, Open Labs Karsyn®, Open Labs MimiK (optional on SE Model), E-MU Proteus X2 Streaming Sound Module V2.5
-PREMIUM Factory Sound Library V4: 25,027 presets (over 24GB of sounds) from over 60 virtual instruments including: including E-MU’s Ensoniq Urban Legends, Mo’Phatt X, Vintage X Pro Collection, Virtuoso X, and X2 Production Library, Truepianos, WusikStation V4, Extra Wusik Sound Libraries (Wusik Sound Magazine 1-13, HQ Strings, Choirs, GM), Purity, Sylenth 1, VB3 OL SE, Mr. Ray22, Mr. Ray73, Mr. Tramp, Organized Trio V3, Realguitar V2.1 OL SE, Discovery V2.10 OL SE, Vertigo V2.6 OL SE, HighLife V1.4, WIVI Trial Edt., Suburban Guitarist, Lollapalooza Lite OL SE, BB303i V2, Synth 1, Addictive Drums Demo, Ticky Clav, Delay Lama, Crystal V2.4, Sun RA, String Theory V1.5, Texture V1.2, Rez V2, Motion V2.8, Plugsound Free, Mini Dizi, Mini Erhu, EPiano Module, Rhodes Module, Bass Module, Rock, SFZ Player Free, Bass Line, UltraSonique V1.1, Syncoder 32-2, Spook Keys, Super Spook Keys, Cubix V1.0.1, Minimal V1.5, Optik V1.4, Pandemonium V2, X-Fortuna, Lazer Blade Free, Protoplasm 21 Free, STS-25 Free, Ph0ne, Rogue, MicroSynt, Artphase V1.5, Mr. Alias V1.02, Blood Bucket V1, Monolisa V1.12, String Synth, PhadiZ, Accordion.*****

Complete Description

Thanks to Jess, as usual!!


  1. i'm definitely getting that after i save up for a year!!! lol

    sounds very very useful and i mite have to be late on a few bills and rents to get it.... maybe ;)

  2. The timbaland MIKO overview !!

  3. Damn look at that thing! Good look Nick, thanks for the info...

  4. -500 Watt Power Supply, whats portable about that?
    -I/O looks like like a Presonus Firebox to me(300bucks)
    -most interesting is def. the whole soundlibrary!
    but for the rest, you can get everything else seperate and safe a lot of money. If you are impressed with the compactness get yourself some ducktape and tie everything togehter.
    If something gets old or broken, you arent restricted by any standarts, you can either upgrade or get something completely new.
    my 2 cents


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