Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Keri Hilson on MTV

Notice how Keri Hilson is slwoly becmoing more and more of a houehold name? She went from jumping on the remix of LL Cool J's "Headsprung" and Xzibit's "Mean Muggin" to be on Diddy's album and all over Timbo's album. She's also been getting some major press lately and it only seems right that MTV recognizes her talents as well. Check out the feature:

****Hilson, who is signed to Timbaland's Mosley Music Group, says her debut is a mix of "hard-hitting drums, R&B melodies, some pop elements, even some alternative."

"The album is called In a Perfect World," Hilson said. "It's my way of saying nothing in the world is perfect and no person in it is, either. None of us is exempt from certain hardships and heartbreaks. It was really important for me to write songs that women can relate to from real situations. I didn't want to do an album that painted myself as perfect because no matter how things look, no one is."

Timbaland and Polow produced most of the project, along with Nate "Danja" Hills.

"Polow is more hands-on, and Timbaland just kind of leaves," she said of the producers' styles. "Both of them used to baby me when I first got the record deal. They were kind of like, 'Oh Lord, what is she going to do?' I think I earned their trust, more so Tim. He just leaves the studio, and I love it. He gives me the creative freedom that a writer wants.****

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Also check out the MTV video on Keri Hilson

From the solo tracks I've heard so far from Keri I have to say I'm really interested in what she has for us on her new album. More so though I'm interested in what Tim is going to bring to the project. All of the tracks he's produced for her have been fire, "Love Ya" "Where Did He Go" "Hello" and especially that unreleased track off Shock Value. There's no release date yet for In A Perfect World though I have heard rumors that her first single will be released late summer, maybe Spetember.


  1. even when she speaks her voice is just beautiful

  2. This album is much anticipated.


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