Monday, July 16, 2007

Timbo not Jay's Kingdom Come.........why?

We all hearad that Tim was going to be on Jay's Kingdom Come album from last year but in the end he didn't make the final cut. Why after so many hits together and so much chemistry would Tim not make a Jay-Z album? We saw Jay in the Diary of Timbaland video on MTV, they said they were working together but Tim's track never made the album.

Well take a listen in Jay's own words at what happened:

Jay talks about Kingdom Come

Scroll down to the 2nd post titled "Jay-Z Wins The First Annual “Fuckouttahere” Award" and right under the picture you'll see where it says "Jay-Z takes a call from Marley Marl on Ed Lover’s radio show" Press play and you'll hear what Jay-Z, considered one of the best to touch the mic, has to say about where Timbo was at with his sound last year.


  1. lol @ "Timbaland is busy making fruity shit like “Sexyback”."

  2. But whats up with this so called "aint I" or the jay-z track that timbaland said would be on shock value?? I guess nobody will ever know...

  3. "Ain't I" is unreleased off Shock Value:

  4. interesting!!! nice post, joshie!!

  5. and who the f'xck is jay-z ?

    dude is heavily overrated, only large in the states. he aint shit in europe, asia or latin america.

    jay-z doesnt even deserve tims beat right now.

  6. Jay had me rollin with that 1...but that was dirty Jay shouldn't be suprised that Timbo likes to switch it up and do something different. He's known dude for how long now? lol.
    Aint I is a fly track... It has that "bounce" that Jay needed on that last album...

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  8. Ok i see where jay is comming from but at the same time "where tim is at right now" has nothing to do with it because its easy for tim to make some shit that sounds like where he "WAS", ya know? when jay came back he had a whole different outlook on music and a whole different way he wanted the fans to view him. he knew exactly what he wanted to do with the project and exacty who he would have to exclude in order to pull it off. I HATED.....repeat HATED kingdom come AND Shock Value when they first released and these are two of my favorite musical artists of all time. so i sat and thought "HOW COULD I HATE IT" then i realized when you are expecting certian things and you dont get them you hate it. i remember just KNOWING i was gonna get a playstation 1 one year for christmas and all my boys was gonna come over and play all day. but when i opened the box it was a nintendo 64. I HATED IT......until i put in mario64, which remains one of my all time favorite games.. so anyways, after listening to kingdom come and shock value i realized the minds behind these creations were on a different level, and no matter how much you think you know what you WANT.....A genius always knows what you NEED. so sure kingdom come didnt have that classic Tim&Jay bounce that we all were waiting for and shock value didnt have that pure,hard,hip hop, weirded out sound to it that I damn sure was looking for, but it one of the few albums i will continue to invest my money into, and these albums are some of the most well thought out creations in hip hop/pop history.

    signing off..


  9. Even though Kingdom Come needed that Jay/Tim track on it,I thought it was fine he said Tim was in another zone with JT I don't think that should matter Tim can go to a grimey track like Come and Get Me,Its Hot(Some Like It Hot) to a club banger like Big Pimpin Jay of all people should know what Tim is capable of.Tim's production is not limited to just hip hop although i would like him to do more of it

  10. you all are reading WAAAAY too much into this..


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