Thursday, July 5, 2007

50 Cent's "AYO Technology"/"She Wants It"

Seems there may be a little subliminal meaning to the former 50 Cent titled track "AYO Technology" now titled "She Wants It" Check out this article and see for yourself:

****Singer Justin Timberlake's new track 'She Wants It' in 50 Cent's third album is reportedly a porn number. Timberlake is going to appear in the video of fourth single of 'Curtis' with musical composer, R and B record producer and rapper Timbaland.

According to a source, the singer who penned the song with the rapper while on tour has actually disguised the word 'technology' for 'pornography' in the song. "The track is an analogy for watching porn. The word 'technology' was put in as a way to replace what they really wanted to say - 'pornography'," the Sun quoted the source, as saying.

The source insisted that the track which was earlier named 'Ayo Technology' is the singers' desperation to see 'stunning girls' giving dirty shots live. "It's all about being fed up with having to make do watching dirty movies and how desperate they are for stunning girls to be in front of them doing what they do in the movies," the source added.

Notable music video, advertising, and feature film director Joseph Khan will reportedly be shooting the video this weekend. Fiddy, Timberlake and Timbaland are said to play secret agents loaded with see-through clothes gadgets who will bother beautiful models. "The treatment for the promo has three spy characters stalking beautiful models," the source said. "They will be racked up with hi-tech gadgets and night-vision goggles which enables them to see through the girls' clothes," the source added. The source also revealed that although it will be a chasing sequence, the singers will 'push the boundaries' in a 'bit creepy and sinister' video. "It's a cat-and-mouse situation with car chases and gadgets galore but spying on the girls is the main theme. It will be a bit creepy and sinister," the source said. "They are going to push the boundaries with what they can get on film," the source added*****


I have to admit after yesterday's findings about reliable sources, this article really makes me wonder if the real meaning of the track is true. Add to that the orignial source is The Sun, a very popular tabloid magazine from England. I hope the information about the video is at least true. I like Joseph Kahn videos and would be really interesting in seeing what he would bring with 50, Justin, and Tim.

I also have a little bonus for ya'll. Here is the FULL version of "She Want It"

50 Cent "She Wants It" Thoughts on the track?

Props to StarSheg for the article and Bigmac for the track!


  1. I like it alot.....sounds more like JT feat 50 though

  2. Its Hot!!. Reminds me of My Love a bit somehow

  3. wow amazing, the snipped wasn't that good


  4. I saw a 50 interview from when he was in germany and he told them the same's about I guess it must be true

  5. AYYYYYY-YO! im tired of using POR-NOG-RAH-PHEE-EE lol
    i love this song its so hot and yeah it do sound more like JT feat Fiddy and i liked timbos vocals, i always love the fx he puts on his voice

  6. The effects on Tim's voice need to be lightened up. It sounds too muddy and distorted, and I can't tell what he's saying. Nice track otherwise, though I think 50 and Justin are a weird match.

  7. best Track 50 could have choose for a single release! A track with Tim and Justin should push Album sales a lil bit.. Love this Track!!!


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