Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Danja and T.I. vs. T.I.P

I'm sure you all remember that Entertainment Weekly T.I article posted on The Chronicles some time ago which goes in to detail on the Timbo/T.I track for T.I's new album. Despite the article, the track did not make the cut but let's hope somewhere it resurfaces.

We do, however, have the 3 Danja tracks from the album for you to listen to and of course give your comments on. Yes they have been out for a minute now, but our Danja expert Nick is currently on vacation so we're playing catch up. T.I's new project is in stores now called T.I vs T.I.P

T.I. "Respect The Hustle"

T.I. "Tell 'Em I Said That"

T.I. f/ Alpha Mega & Busta Rhymes "Hurt"

In my opinion "Respect The Hustle" comes across as boring and formulated though there are a few cool sounds in there. I'm always a sucker for choral voices and Danja (and Tim) use them the best so I'm happy with "Tell 'Em I Said That." "Hurt" though is where Danja shines. The drum placements are wicked! Busta shines on the track and Danja proves why he's the best "new comer" in the game thus far.

What about everyone else, ya'll feelin' these tracks?


  1. respect this hustle is why danja sucks. but the other 2 tracks steal the show on the whole album tho!! i hope that timbo track comes up some time soon (and i hope its actually timbo.. not jst his name on there)

  2. hurt is ok not repeat material and i dont even want to to comment on the other two - i am not a danja hater i just dont like his sound, if a tim track is wack then i will call him out if necessary - danja needs to step up

  3. Respect My Hustle, I immediately didn't like it. Tell em I said it, alright, though I think Danja needs to drop that choir synth. It's getting a bit rinsed now. On the other hand, I'm about to download "Hurt" right now, it's ill.


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