Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Donnie Klang gets Danja & The Clutch

First we had Danity Kane's album, then Day 26's, and now we get Donnie Klang's new album strategically slated for release August 19th, right after the new season of Making the Band 53 I mean 4. Along with his tracks "Dr Love" produced by Channel 7 (the artist formally known as 7 Aurelius) and "Take You There" F/ Diddy produced by Soul Diggaz, Klang also revealed his album will have production by Mario Winans, Bryan Michael Cox, and Danja and writing by the one and only Clutch. Donnie himself is also looking to add some of his own production and writing to the album titled Just The Rolling Stone.

Looks like Danja got his Handz on the boards for all the Bad Boy crews. Props to Big A and Luke for the find.


  1. it was to be expected!! danja has impressed diddy i mean he got to work on three of his own songs and so he gets to work on his new people i.e. cassie, danity kane, day26 & now Donnie Klang

    i believe that timbaland will be getting a hold of the main rappers that are always together right now led by lil wayne birdman t-pain,etc... he got flo-rida and he will soon have lil wayne and birdman will follow along with the others but danja has DJ Khaled...idk Timbo Camp is threatening The Runners territory in hood music o.O??

    but the Runners are advancing to Bad Boy as well...they were on both Danity Kane & Day26 as well and B-Cox has made Bad Boy his home idk but its good that Danja got on the album (that was long) haha

  2. You're a legend!!! Always nice to get props on my favourite site! :)

  3. lmfao!!!
    making the band season 53!


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