Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cassie F/ Lil' Wayne "Official Girl"

Written by The Clutch and produced by Danja:

Cassie featuring Lil' Wayne "Official Girl"

What do you all think about Lil' Wayne's addition? 13,000 downloads and counting so I'd call it a smart move.


  1. cool thanks. slightly tweaked beat from the original. i enjoyed cassie's first cd for what it was but the girl is manufactured to the max. cant sing, most definitely cant sing live but is very hot and can move pretty well.

    zero talent or personality but its clearly looks and a good production team that counts for more. im not complaning, just saying. her music is worth a download though.

  2. In a strange way i find her music enjoyable and to me their something special about her.

    I still can't get over "me and you" although i know she can't sing, the way she does wat she does sound so sweet to the ear.

    'Simple but effective'

  3. it sounds slower... i think they made it slower to add that other sound... ummm its alright...

  4. lil wayne is crap though, sounds like a chicken being strangled as usual...

  5. am i the only person having trouble catching the beat? the drum pattern fucks it for me. Maybe im trippin...okay i kinda caught it when Wayne came in just now lol

  6. n to think last year labels were replacing lil wayne on singles

  7. Well even though she is fine she clearly will be making her money in being a model.

  8. Boogie you got news about Jay downplaying Tim's role on the new album they have something on hiphopdx.

  9. Ummm...

    Nice track. I like how Danja went back and added that arp... but that pitched kick... blah

    Cassie sounds really nice...

    This track has Wayne on it though, so yes Top 10.

  10. lil wayne's a fool, thinking he can harmonize and and sing like t-pain. if he could get off the kush for one minute, maybe he'd realize just how bad he sounds.

    I didn't like the added sound, because it seems so cheap... I smell another post-production addition the likes of Big Boi on "Wanna Move". And, making the song 4:16 seemed so unnecessary. I can stand this song for 3:34, but nothing over four minutes, please.

    This song not having a bridge was a BIG mistake. the clutch needs to work on that. so does danja... who seems to have NO news about him nowadays.

  11. lil wayne's addition to the song makes it that much hotter. the new sound effects are subtle but make a huge difference.

    let's make no mistake, cassie is no whitney, and will never be, but then again, neither is ciara. cassie's voice is decent. as long as she brings good music and nice moves to match, i'm happy.

  12. He was doing his thing, until the end of his verse...started fucking up, but regardless of how you view it...this song didnt get PLAY until Wayne name was on it.

  13. I love this beat but Lil Wayne shouldn't be in the track. Sorry.

  14. lol @ frederic!!!
    now tht tim has had an information overload on the site ppl are complaining tht danja aint gettin no spotlight!
    its all turnnd around now!

  15. frederick: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHAA that was funny lol tru tru they shouldnt have made it longer lol


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