Friday, July 18, 2008

Izza Kizza drops "11ven 12welve", checks in with URB and Paste Magazine

Without question Izza Kizza is part of the new era of music. Instead of letting the industry dictate how and where he promotes himself, he's taking matters into his own hands, tapping into the what else? The best marketing tool out there: the internet. Check out the new video for his latest release "11ven 12welve" produced by Timbaland:

Now if you don't recognize the beginning of the video? You should since it's where Kizz got his inspiration for the track. None other than Sesame Street's "1,2,3,4,5...".

Now if you've got your ears on you'll hear my favorite part of the track, the cell phone ringing at 1:40 Ha! Hence why the track is a demo only. After an unfortunate hard drive crash only one version of the song was recorded so look for a fully mastered, cellphoneless version coming soon.

Wait there's more: Kizza continues his media takeover! Check out the new issue of Urb Magazine to get the latest in the mind of the Kizz and hear Kizz and 88 Keys on their newest podcast for URB Don't Know Don't Car Vol. 3

Izza is also in the latest of Paste Magazine as well as "Red Wine" being featured on the album sampler for Issue #44.

We’re going to do a Michael Jackson mixtape, then a Prince mixtape. I’ll go get Earth, Wind & Fire’s greatest-hits album, put my flavor on it and do a mixtape. I’ll go back and get an Otis Redding album and put my flavor on it.

AND if it possible for Izza Kizza to be ANY bigger, check out next month's issue of Spin magazine as well as September's issue of Rolling Stone! To have this much press without a release or even upcoming release of an album is unheard of. Don't miss the Izza Kizza train!


  1. he must be cakin... so he can get the kanye west "wired jaw" dental treatment.

    D.O.E. should have had this type of hype.

    i guess kizza's a media manipulator, because Tim hasn't appeared with him much of anywhere (except by name) and he's still getting this level of hype.


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