Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nicole Scherzinger CD giveaway

Now this is some news that definitely makes you go "HUH?" The Cherry Martini Lounge in good ol' Detroit, Michigan recently had a CD release party for Nicole Scherzinger's "new album." Last Friday, the Lounge was giving away 150 of Nicole's CD. So, if this is true, the logical question is who has one? But more so why is a random club in Detroit giving away Nicole's unreleased CD? Interesting....

The full of "Physical" still hasn't surfaced rather the same looped snippet version.


  1. Wow, did they realise how rare it was? Definitely a WTF moment here, maybe its a misunderstanding?

  2. Here is the full version of Physical...had it since January

  3. freaky... sorry but that's the loop. It's a very good one but still a loop

  4. I wonder if "Physical" will end up on the Pussycat dolls new album. It'd do better on there and it's not like they'd need to re-record it - seeing as the other bitches don't contribute to the songs anyway.


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