Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bubba Sparxxx "Lovely" video version

After the Supafriends era, I didn't think Timbo was going to find that same chemistry with any other artist. How could there be another Aaliyah or Missy or Ginuwine? Then along came a track called "Ugly" featuring some dude with the name Bubba, wtf? But after one listen I knew that something was brewing. Yet it wasn't until "Lovely" dropped that I knew Timbo was back with a whole new sound and Bubba Sparxxx was paving the way.

Now we've all seen the video for "Lovely" right? Pretty much "Ugly" part II with Bubba reppin' the new south to the fullest.

Well did you know there's 2 versions of the video? Check it:

Can you find the difference? I never noticed before.

Good look to dioN on the find!


  1. yeah yeah i know hahahha the ms jade part is in the second 1

    i didn't know that either

    funny shit hahah somebody can upload the ms jad version 4 me please thank you

  2. that was hot!!!! yeah.. someone should upload it... i would but idk how... good lookin out

  3. Ya'll may have notice JADE....but I noticed that the girl with the PHAT ASS isnt in the Jade version. lol, good post!

  4. nobody somebody anybody

    no upload

    you know what i ask my self how do you notice or how do you know about this shit


  5. LMFAO!!!! the milk and cookies gets me everytime!! :)

  6. ^^^^^^^

    did fanomenal come out allready????


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