Monday, July 14, 2008

Timbaland plays Club Cameo in Miami

It's not often you hear of Timbaland doing a DJ set but that's exactly what he did a few weeks back at the famed Club Cameo in Miami. Resident DJ, DJ Irie, had this to say about the event:

Everything kicked-off Friday June 27th at Cameo on South Beach! The club was off the hook with anticipation of Timbaland taking over the DJ booth. Everyone from Kristen Cavallari, Zach Braf, Donald Faison, Alfonso Ribeiro, Eve, Chris Kirkpatrick and a host of other celebrities and athletes were on hand to witness Timbaland on the turntables, dropping some exclusive tracks he’s been working on for the new album. It was CRAZY because this is something Tim never does. The crowd was losing their minds and by the fourth record we had to just stop the madness and start all over again!

Every time Tim thought the crowd had enough he would ask “are you tired yet?” and the crowd would holler back in perfect harmony an emphatic NO!!!! We really shut it down when we took everybody back to all the classic Timbaland hits! Before I could let Tim leave the stage I had to bring out Tim’s wife Monique and surprised them both with a cake in honor of their newlywed status! I had just come back from their wedding in Aruba so the love was still fresh in the air. The entire club cheered them on with well wishes!

I wish I was there that night! Speaking of clubs, Timmy was nominated for a 2008 Club World Award for Best One Off for his night at Pure in Las Vegas with DJ AM. Though not a winner, Tim continues his global takeover in all arenas.



  2. omg!!! keri posted something about that on her myspace but she didnt post the club where she would be at!
    if she did i would have tried sooo hard to get in!!! even though im only 16 :(
    what new album are they talking about???
    shock value 2? chris cornell?
    keri? missy?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. he is talkin about Tim's next album fo sure

  5. And I you know,but seriously what album Shock Value 2 I think Tim loves to let the masses hear the new material he is working on remember he played the snippet of Adios,did the same thing with 4 minutes.


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