Monday, July 28, 2008

Bangladesh talks to Danja

Props to Valerio


  1. Bangladesh isn't all that to me i know for sure Danja would blow him out the water, i think Danja wanted to sweet talk him to make Bangladesh feel like he was on his level

  2. Bangladesh' music is NICE to me. Nothing he's ever done has blown me out of the water like Danja...his music is just nice...Some of his subtle effects in his songs are neat, but all together...meh.

  3. I like both of them they are different producers Danja's strength is more pop and Bangladesh's is more street/hip hop but that is why Tim is the king he can do pretty much everything.

  4. Jesus Christ, would you dudes step out of your fucking shells for once?

    Damn, we seeing two producers talking to each other complimenting each other positively and yall want to bring fucking competition into this positive picture.

    Yall are priceless.. guess no matter how positive... there will ALWAYS be a polar.


    Bangladesh is hilarious. He looks like a vietnamese old guy.

    Danja is funny.

    Even if they did or didn't mean what they said, it is nice to see some positivity.

    I heard Monique's voice too!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA u rly "venture" out there do u?? lmfao!!

  6. LOL

    I do... I just had to get that off me chest...

    back to your scheduled broadcast....

  7. To me...Bangledesh Dumbed his sound down completely, after he left DTP when we went as just simply [Shondrae]. The 8-Ball and MJG tracks where my favorites as well, but anything else is...Too Basic.

    A Milli is the one of the simplest beats ever made, but it does bang...for some ODD reason? Wouldnt put it over a Danja beat ANYDAY...

  8. Gee whiz Venture...and yeah, your right nagotiator. The whole of his productions are really simple lately. BUT; that's not to say that they aren't ENJOYABLE, "BANGING" pieces of music.

  9. Like i said i enjoy them both Danja with his skills does alot more.

  10. i wonder if danja would ever pull a timbo and start being featured in all the songs he produces and makes an album for him self in 10 yrs...

    id love to hear how danja progresses and how his beats will sound in 10 years time! if hes this good so early in the game imagine then...

  11. Danja got 6 + years... I got 11 months... man... I know some producers who've been producing for 5+ years... and are just garbage...

    Danja is awesome...

    Bangladesh seems high all the time LOL

  12. lmao :D i thought the a milli beat, although very very simple, was very good and i mean i guess most rappers liked that...or just want to copy lil wayne..idk lol but yea i think it was a good beat i would like to hear more from mr bangladesh :D


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