Thursday, July 17, 2008

Timbaland to work with New Kids On The Block?

I cringed when I first read this news and as I kept reading my inner Timbo stan started screaming "but WHY!?" but then I checked the source and was soothed by the more than likely possibility it's all a rumor. So the story goes that Timbaland is set to be working very soon with 80s boy band New Kids On The Block on their comeback album. Knowing what Tim has to offer and being fans of his work, the New Kids want Timbaland to ask Madonna if she could contribute to their album as well.

Here's where the legitimacy could come in. New Kid Joey MacIntyre is quoted (quotes equal truth right?) as saying "It's so exciting. We loved what Timbaland did with Madonna's 4 Minutes and can't wait to see what he has in store for us." Fellow Kid Jordan Knight added: "I know he's putting in a good word for us to have Madonna on the album. It's looking good. Fingers crossed!"

The original source is the UK's gossip tabloid The Mirror and has been run by various media outlets the last week. So is it true? With all the pop Timbaland has been doing, yes quite possibly. Will Madonna be on a New Kids On The Block album? I highly doubt it.

New Kids and Timbo, who's next?


  1. Why people liked "4 Minutes" is beyond me... it's just a waste listening to a song that goes nowhere in four minutes.

    And, to have a song in the vein of "4 Minutes" would be mark on your career you don't want. As for Madonna on the album... pffft. Word don't mean ish, money talks. If I were Tim, I'd half ass the sweet talk and then coerce her to be on my album, sayin "I made you your biggest hit in 17 years, woman!"

  2. it would be a different sound for NKB, i think Tim would do some crazy stuff for them almost like he did for NLT

  3. Insert Royal Court here just like NLT if it isn't someone like Jay-Z,Beyonce,Luda type of artist and from MMG he is not really messing with a group like this unless he is really feeling a certain artist movement at the time.

  4. i really dont want tim wasting his time with garbage like this...
    madonna on a NKB album???
    there soooo gay!!! why would she wanna spend .05 seconds of her time with them???
    tim and madonna fans are both cringing with this news...
    lmao! usually boog is soooo optimistic with w.e. tim does!
    i think this is the first time ive seen u say something like this...

  5. they on Interscope, so most likely they have access fo sure to Timbo demos and might have recorded something to see how it sounds...


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