Thursday, July 24, 2008

Timbaland confirms Shock Value II album

Timbaland has confirmed with MTV that Shock Value II is in the works.

"Shock Value is really like the Now [That's What I Call Music!] compilation. That's my goal for this — not [to showcase] me as an artist. Of course I'll do my little part, introduce some people. It gives me room to go tour across the world. People request me. I put on a show. I put on a musical show.

Right now, I have a song with Madonna that I didn't put on her album. I saved [it] in case I wanna do one for me. Of course I'mma do one with Beyoncé. Of course I'mma do one with Jordin Sparks, Rihanna. It's a lot of people. I'mma do one with Jonas Brothers. I'mma try to have 10 major ones."

As far as hip hop, Tim's looking at T.I., wants Jay-Z (Jay was really on the last one, but he wanted to change [the song]. I said, 'Look, man, I gotta put out an album. You're killing me.') and already has T-Pain (remember I said to check part II of a certain album)

We told you about the Jonas Brothers collabo and hopefully some additional work with Gwen Stefani (finally!) and Linkin Park. Will we finally get Mary J. Blige's "Skycap"? Let's hope so.

Timbo also talked about the success of the first Shock Value album:

It be hot for the world. I really do focus groups. I get reports, readouts. I'm not gonna talk about it. If you ask for documentation, I got it. I'm a businessman and at the same time a CEO. But I looked at the charts: I went platinum in 16 different countries. Africa? Double platinum. Ireland? Double platinum. New Zealand? Triple platinum. London? Platinum. London is the hardest place to go platinum. France? Platinum. They don't like nobody unless you French, but they like me.

Here comes another Timbaland album!


  1. How about those leftover Bjork tracks?

    but, as long as this album isn't overloaded with MMG talent (Keri has her OWN album coming out), it should be fine. he should work with international talent to broaden the appeal, however. another tim and utada? who wouldn't want that?

  2. I'll believe it when I see or hear it. He's been talking out of his ass lately. He's like Dr Dre right now to me.

  3. OMG this is gonna be even hotter than the first, I agree with the above commenter, international talent like Bjork and Utada would be cool, although the collabo list already has me wetting my pants with excitement! LOL Do we think he's talking about the Madonna track "Above The Sky" because that's the only track we knew about that didn't make the album, maybe it's so good he wanted it for his own? Same with Mary, I really want to hear a proper Clutch track ("Take Me As I Am" was too slow!) for her and I hope "Skycap" is gonna be that.

    I can't wait for this project, I just hope its SOON, he sounds like he has a lot of the tracks already!

  4. I hope all of those he mentioned are true especially beyonce and TI maybe he will go in with wayne hell i hope he will add luda to the mix it has been awhile since we heard a luda/timmy track.

  5. i can't say i'm excited about a tim/beyonce... or a tim/lil wayne. or half the artists he wants on this album. i might not buy this, if it ever comes out.

  6. I really wish Stevie Brock will on this album, since he signs MMG, still no news yet :(

  7. The madonnas song is " La la la" !

  8. Jonas Brothers & Jordin Sparks???


  9. yea i think the song tims talkin bout is "la la"....

  10. Wow.. Tim went platinum in London alone? What about the rest of England?

  11. I'm pretty sure London is a reference to the United Kingdom, in this case.

    but, you have to remember that platinum anywhere else other than the US isn't as impressive...

  12. Jordin Sparks...Jonas Brothers...blech. But Gwen Stefani (finally is right) intrests me. Bjork and Utada would both make my day as well...

  13. Dude is so egotistical. Shock value wasn't even that good. The beats he does on his own aren't even that good anymore. They sound so lacking. It's like he can't do anything without Hannon or Danja anymore. I hope Shock value II is good though. I really hope that Beyonce joint is fire.

    As for Hikaru Utada - he NEEDS to be reaching out to her. "Let me give you my love" had Tim working the euro pop synth sound WAY back before he blew up with it years later post "Maneater".

    I'd love for Danja to work on Hikaru Utada's second english album, because her current sound and Danja's are quite similar.

  14. If thats what he wants to do I want him to work with most of those people anyway he should be able to get anyone he wants. And just because he chooses to work with the producers he is developing doesn't mean he doesn't or can't make heat by himself to think so is stupid IMO.


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