Friday, July 18, 2008

Who Flipped It Better: Timbaland Vs. Rishi Rich Vs. Bombay Rockers

Here's another installment of who does the best flip of the same sample. This time around we're looking at a classic Tim sample used from one of his favorite and often used sample CDs. Starting with Timbaland, the year was 2002 and we were all still trying to cool off from Tweet's red hot #1 touch yourself anthem "Oops (Oh My)." Her next single was the the more upbeat but just as bad ass "Call Me", still to this day one of my favorite Tim beats just for that sample alone. Though the single didn't fair as well as it's predecessor, Tweet with Timbo's help had secured herself on the music map.

Jump ahead to 2004, and UK Indian R&B artist Jay Sean released his debut album Me Against Myself and the track:

"Eyes On You" produced by Rishi Rich

And yes you're right this is the same Jay Sean who recently released another album which reportedly had Timbaland on production yet Tim was not on the album. Yes even Amazon gets it wrong.

Last but not least, in late 2003 the Danish duo Bombay Rockers released the track "Sexy Mama" off their hit debut album Introducing...:

"Sexy Mama" produced by Thomas of the Bombay Rockers

So as we always ask Who Flipped It Better? And this should be a real easy one, where's the sample from?


  1. Has to be Tim on this one... the drums especially and everything make the sample special... I gotta admit I liked the Jay Sean version too when I first heard it a few yrs back. Oh yeah, I did hear something about Tim and Jay Sean hanging out together a while ago browsing music shops...

    Sample taken from Deepest India. I have the Sample Cd :)

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  3. i like timbos and jay seans version. prinz pi (rapper from germanys) sampled it too on the track "von und zu"

  4. i think eveyones thinkin the same way....
    tims and jay seans are the best...

  5. Tim killed this one hands down id have to say

  6. well, jay seans song sounds like r kelly and cassidys song hotel....hmmm

  7. crafter17 said...

    well, jay seans song sounds like r kelly and cassidys song hotel....hmmm

    the funny this both song came out in 2004 and yes there same beat


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