Monday, July 7, 2008

Small changes

What's up ya'll,

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on some small changes coming to The Chronicles. We want to make the site as informative as possible, yet keeping it an exciting place to come back to. With that said be on the look out for:

-No more anonymous comments. This has already go into effect. It takes 2 seconds to create a username and just like that you're ready to comment. I encourage everyone to post from the supporters to the haters and all those in between. The internet is the perfect medium to express your thoughts and opinions so definitely take advantage of it.

-A new column of "labels"(links) to every single post we've ever created since the first day of The Chronicles. Think you missed a post? Still looking for that Brandy "Adios" snippet? Soon you'll be able to find all the info you need with a simple click.

-A chat area. We're going to try it out and see how it works out. You'd be surprised who visits the site so maybe we can get some artist & fans interaction.

-Additional links. Links to send info in The Chronicles. Links to associate blogs. Links to accurate and current info about various artists.

We need a graphics facelift as well but for now we've got what we've got. This site is all about the content and we have no plans to ever change that. I appreciate any suggestions or comments you all have so hit me up anytime at:

And let me quickly address a few things as well. This site, as it has been since day 1, is about Timbaland and his affiliates past, present, and future. We've been writing about Danja and Royal Court and The Clutch etc since day #1 and we have no plans to stop. If this site was only on Timbaland, we would have ran out of info to talk about a long time ago as well as been bored to tears. The Chronicles prides itself on giving you every angle of what goes into a song from the writer, to the engineer, to the sample, to the janitor of the studio. In a new music era of the 20 second attention span, The Chronicles looks to give all it's readers a place to learn, listen, and enjoy.

My thanks to all of you for your continued support!


  1. Really great job!

  2. looking forward to see what happens with the changes

  3. cant wait cuz i dont have the brandy snippet!
    and when ever i look at past articles and try to download the song it dosent wrk so this is gonna be great!

  4. the brandy list snippet??

  5. looks like I'll soon be saying "Adios"

    and I never did download those teamhood songs by danja (well... kinda deleted them), so whatever you got cooked up, boogie, it's gonna be hot!

  6. Good UPDATE!!!

    I was so tired of the ANON's complaining about its too much Jim Beanz, too much Danja, and not enough Timbo. WHATEVA...its a blog of HIM and everyone he's affiliated with. They dont say nothing when Keri Hilson or Izza Kizza's all over this joint. lol

    It's all GOOD and VALID information that I love to read up KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  7. Good look...too much Anon's hating on stuff for no reason and hiding away!

    Also the chatroom feature would be a good idea I think.

    Keep doing a great job J and all the others involved in the upkeeping of this site!


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