Monday, July 21, 2008

Jim Beanz and The Clutch on Chris Cornell's first snippets

We told you about Jim Beanz' involvement in the Chris Cornell album, but we're not talking about one or two songs, rather Beanz had a hand in 12 songs from the forthcoming project. Of the songs we know so far, Beanz wrote "Ground Zero" as well as co-wrote "Watch Out." In addition to Jim Beanz' magic, The Clutch also lend their skills having penned the tracks "Part Of Me" and "Long Gone."

Still no name for the album and still no official release date but we'll keep you posted when we get more news.


  1. for some reason i'm hoping Ryan Tedder had a lot to do with this project.

  2. thats really weird! it dosent sound like the clutch wrote this....
    dont tell the chris cornell fans or they'd flip to kno he didnt write his own stuff!

  3. Maybe he wanted them to write it if they do trip about it.

  4. Justin (Timberlake) writes better lyrics in his sleep... and to imagine the Clutch gets paid to write lyrics. They should have been able to put Coldplay to shame, but I guess they can't get out of their groove with pop music in order to make a convincing transition to whatever Chris Cornell is. "Long Gone" should have been better, once I think about it.

    And Tim (or whoever he gets to do the job) could stand to learn how to play the guitar a bit more creatively. Everything from him sounds likes Justin's "I Think She Knows" (LoveStoned interlude)

    Ryan Tedder, wherefore art thou?

  5. Ryan Tedder is a busy man, let him concentrate on his manufactured band singing over the top chris martin style falsetto songs...


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