Sunday, July 13, 2008

Missy hits a "block" with Timbaland

A recent interview has Missy addressing comments Timbaland made about he and Missy moving apart musically. The article says the comments were made in October but where Timbo made those comments I have no idea. If you remember Tim did say Missy was too over the top for people so maybe that's what this new article is referring too. Anyhow here's what Miss Miss had to say:

On Tim's comments: "Tim likes to do different music. At that point, he was trying to build his side on the crossover. He had done everything you can possibly do on the hip-hop side. The thing is me and Tim have been doing this for years. There comes a time where we both get a block on what we want to do. We've just built a big catalogue. We sit there and go, `What do we do now?' That was a choice him and I made. He was still a part of my album. I played it for him, and he told me what he thought I should keep."

On what direction to go: "It becomes hard since my first album was my easiest album. After the first, the expectations are higher. You always get rushed. Labels want you to put things out all the time. Sometimes I think you have to take that period or break to get your mind together so things won't sound the same. So you won't be repeating stuff."

There's always this talk about Missy and Timbo being too creative for today's music audience yet when is the last time you heard a real Missy and Timmy banger? "Joy"? "Work It"?


  1. Interesting. I have to listen to the album. I hope they recreate a new magic.

    Oh... J

    " yet when is the last *Tim you"


  2. I've heard/read Missy say this in 2005 in reaction to Tim's involvement on THE COOKBOOK, it's the same comments, verbatim.
    Hopefully they've found some more comon ground since then.

  3. In response to Roderick..

    I remember this too.. I am thinking/hoping she was referring to The Cookbook. Besides, we already know he's at least got a couple tracks.

  4. i hope they continue to make great music.

  5. i thought she said she's was excited about this new project and the new stuff with her and tim gon blow people away...
    looks like this new one gon flop since it has been pushed back so many times and we still haven't heard a decent track from it.

  6. i agree alfred i mean hate to say it but yea...

  7. I think theyre just too proud to admit that they are both tired as far as making hip hop is concerned. Theyre no longer as hungry, so they just talk up themselves as being too creative for the game. If outkast were to say that I would believe them more so than Missy right now, sorry.

  8. This almost sounds like I heard this interview before maybe like a few years ago idk?

  9. i kind of agree with them but they're always go down in history books and will always make some good music. and this interview was done about a week ago here where i live. she had a show last week on the 11th at the san manuel casino in san bernardino, Calif. I couldn't go but i heard it was off the hook!!!


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