Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keri Hilson talks "Energy", graces the cover of Rap-Up magazine, announces tour

Keri Hilson on her video "Energy":

Women, we're such hopeless romantics, and we want every man to be Mr. Right. This song goes from good love to bad love. You know, you kind of get drained of your energy after a while. You've become spent when it doesn't work out with the person you're in love with or you're in a relationship with someone who doesn't do the things you do for them.

Basically, I play a female boxer who's in a relationship. I spar with my boyfriend at times. It starts really, really good, and as the video plays out, you see how much energy I put into this relationship or how little is reciprocated back to me.

Here's more:

Check out Keri on the cover, along with Teyana Taylor and Solange Knowles, of the summer issue of Rap-Up magazine. Here's a behind the scenes look of the photoshoot:

Speaking of Teyana Taylor, her Clutch filled debut album has been pushed back due to the lack of buzz from her debut single "Google Me". Rumor has it she's back in the studio with The Neptunes. Let's hope The Clutch tracks don't get cut.

Keri is also going on the Russ Parr Bus Tour this summer in the U.S. Check out the dates:

7/28 - Washington D.C. (Ibiza Night Club)
7/29 - Wilmington, DE (The Chase at the Riverfront)
7/30 - Dayton, OH (Sinclair Community College)
7/31 - Detroit, MI (Max M Fisher Music Center)
8/01 - Cleveland, OH (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)
8/04 - Cincinnati, OH (Music Hall of Fame)
8/05 - Louisville, KY (Louisville Waterfront Park)
8/06 - Indianapolis, IN (Indiana State Fairgrounds)
8/07 - Columbia, SC (South Carolina State Museum)
8/8 - Fayetteville, NC (TBA)
8/11 - Raleigh, NC (Time Warner Pavilion at Walnut Creek)
8/12 - Virginia (Richmond International Raceway)

And finally as we told you yesterday, Keri was on Jimmy Kimmel Live along with Nas performing "Hero" check it out:



  2. what if JAYZ does a song with KERI!!! OMG THAT WOULD BE HEAT!!!

  3. that was hot... mad i couldnt be there... and the band was crazy... they're called Mulatto my the way and are way sick... look out for them ya'll!

  4. Teyana Taylor is alot of hot air and that google me was terrible, nobody wants to hear what shes saying. Not even the The Neptunes can help her.


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