Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Bunch of Izza Kizza News

Just announced today, Izza Kizza's new track "Millionaire" will be featured on the soundtrack to EA's "Madden 2009." You can also check two new Kizza tracks, "Typical Maury" (produced by 88 Keys from his new mixtape Adam's Case Files) and "Georgie Porgie," produced by a name that's new to me, Fitz the Art Teacher. Apparently, Fitz is working on "Detox" though, so he's gotta be decent.

Rarely does a hip-hop artist rise in popularity and omnipresence this fast. Izza Kizza did his first performance only months ago, and already he's got almost 40,000 results on Google! So my question to you is this: how did he do it? Is Izza Kizza creating his own hype, or has the game changed to accommodate to innovative artists such as himself? Let us know in the comments section!


  1. i kinda like the second one better lol

  2. well he better make something of all this... last rapper that sounded like another rapper (guerilla black) died out quickly after the hype

    o I meant izza sounds like big boi, but less clever. i'll just be waitin for Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

  3. the first one is gay!

    well i think its both him creating his own hype and the game changing.

    because how does an artist get out there with out getting the word out? and with all this talk of "hip-hop dieing" people are beginning to look at new innovative rappers that keep hip-hop "alive".

    so i think its both....

  4. but that gives you the question: what is innovative? the classic example of soulja boy works...he makes music that's different from the past and it's insanely popular, but is he innovative? ironically, people criticize him for killing hip hop....but isn't being young, fresh, & new the revitalization of hip hop??? hmmmmmm.....


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