Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"4 Minutes" biggest single for Madonna in 18 years

18 years ago Madonna released "Vogue" which ended up becoming her biggest selling single of all time. Fast forward to the present as the Timbaland and Danja produced "4 Minutes" has just hit the 2 million sold mark and counting, closing in on "Vogue" for the top spot. Despite not going #1 on the American Billboard charts, the track did spend 11 weeks atop the world charts.

With all that success you'd think her 2nd single would be a no brainer for success but so far "Give It 2 Me" has not faired as well as "4 Minutes" though the track has just hit radio stations. The 3rd single is looking to be a double A side of "Miles Away" and "Beat Goes On."

In addition, Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour starts in August with a million tickets already sold. The show will include the Timbo tracks "Miles Away", "4 Minutes", and a piano version of "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You." In addition, Madonna will also be performing past tracks including "Human Nature" which will contain samples of Britney Spears "Gimmie More" and a reworked version of "Vogue" which will contain samples of both "4 Minutes" and Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous Girl."

Last but not least listen to this:

"4 Minutes" Sticky & Sweet Tour Version

Big thanks to Simon for the info!


  1. She's not promoting "Give it 2 me" and it has a shit video, which is why it isn't faring well. "Give ti 2 me" is a much better song than that "4 minutes" bullshit, but she just isn't plugging it like she did "4 minutes". She always does this with her albums. She rolls out big and goes all out for her lead singles and then doesn't bother from there onwards. She did the same thing for her last album. Released 3 singles, all of which were better than "Hung up" - but they never did well because she didn't promote any of them.

    As for that tour version of "4 minutes", I f**king hate it. The vocals sound clearer, but it lacks the Timbo bounce and it doesn't knock. Take away Tim's drums and perucssion and you've stripped a song of all its Timbo-ness.

  2. i like the piano or the synths or what evr its called that you hear at 3:59!
    they should have put that in the original!

    At random j...
    I think "sorry", "jump" and "get together" was sooo much better than "hung up"!!
    but i dont really like "give it to me". I wouldent say its better than "4 minutes"...
    But the only reason I dont like it is cuz the beat on the verses is wack. It sounds like a carnival.
    But the beat on the chorus is awesome!!! Have you heard the oakenfield remix? its awesome!!!

  3. to me give it 2 me was like the fifth song on my list...when she released it i was like wtf...??? yea so


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