Monday, June 30, 2008

Timbaland heads to Australia and New Zealand

Here are the dates for Timbaland, Freestyle Steve, and Shock Value guests on their tour of the Australia & New Zealand:

Sat 12/07/08
08:00 PM Challenge Stadium
Mt Claremont, WA Timbaland

Mon 14/07/08
06:30 PM Riverstage Brisbane
Brisbane, QLD Timbaland, featuring Int'l Triple Platinum Shock Value Guest Artists

Fri 18/07/08
07:30 PM Vector Arena
Auckland, NZ Timbaland

Wed 16/07/08
07:30 PM Rod Laver Arena
Melbourne, VIC Timbaland & Keri Hilson

Sat 19/07/08
08:00 PM Sydney Entertainment Centre

Tickets on sale now at all Ticketmaster locations. Who's going?


  1. You forgot

    Wed 16/07/08
    07:30 PM Rod Laver Arena
    Melbourne, VIC Timbaland & Keri Hilson

    Im looking forward to it
    cant wait

  2. I'm goin to the MElbourne show definitely... I actually bought tickets the day they came out, within the first hour (fearing that they would sell out in 10 mins) ... not much knew about it though so I was safe!


  3. Arghhh! Guess the Melbourne show would hve been sold out by now. Timbo come to Asia!!

  4. wtf?
    come to america!
    lol timbaland: coming to america!
    i love tht movie!


    22 June 2008

    Chris Cornell says he may well debut some material from his new album when he plays live with Linkin Park's eclectic Projekt Revolution tour this summer.

    In an interview at VH-1, he says: "The idea of playing some new material is good...not every day is the same for me. Sometimes an audience feels different, so for me it requires a couple of different songs. You never know." He also describes his approach to creating a set list. "I sort of decide on the moment what the set list will be and sometimes even when we're onstage — it depends. The funny part is when I'll forget. There will be a song that everybody loves that everyone expected to hear, and I forgot that song existed."

  6. hes also coming to adelaide on sunday the 13th of july, coz ive got my tickets...

  7. omfg projekt revolution was fuckin awesome last year!! mcr rox!!

  8. pfft.. peter, you bought them within the first hour? I line up from 6.45 in the morning until they Ticketek opened the doors at 9 - like you, fearing they would sell within 10 minutes. That is commitment: Getting up at 6 in the morning lining up on a winter day until only one other person starts lining up at 8!! lol I was happy that atleast I got tickets.

    But then if you look on the site, I dont think his Melbourne tickets are selling too well as seats in the decent gold sections are still available; Tim's team need to do more for promotion!! I've only heard of his concert once on all of the commercial radio stations (Timberlake they advertised like every 15mins) and haven't seen it on TV once!! I only heard of it through the newspapers' upcoming tours/concerts

  9. Woahh sorry mate, you want a medal for your ruthless dedication???

    It's a little worrying at the moment, ticket sales aren't exactly accelerating nearly fast enough. Cancellation ????


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