Monday, June 23, 2008

No Timbaland on G-Unit or Kung Fu Panda

In case you didn't know, and I think most of you do, Timbaland did not make the final cut for G-Unit's Terminate On Sight album. Rather the album features production by Polow, Swizz Beats, Rick Rock, Don Cannon and others. Could the tracklisting and accompanying production liners that are out now be fake and Timbaland really did make the final album? Well Aftermath still lists Timbaland as a producer, but I highly doubt he'll be on it.

Also despite what was reported in GQ Magazine, Timbaland was not part of the Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack. Instead legendary film composer Hans Zimmer and John Powell proovided the soundtrack. On a side note theShrek The Third soundtrack also did not include Timbo despite reports.

Let's hope the unreleased G Unit track resurfaces on 50 Cent's next album.


  1. Harvey Mason Jr on the Underdogs worked on Kung Fu Panda and the Shrek movies.

  2. Let's hope its on 50's next album i agree but thats what we said about the 5 or so tracks he made for 50 around shock value and curtis,swizz's track on TOS is garbage the whole album is garbage not even tim's midas touch could help them.

  3. it seems like timbo's name is attached to almost every upcoming album... i think it's for promotion reasons.

  4. i think g uint is dead with this album

  5. The album is leaked..... it's so bad !!!!!!! i don't know what happen with g unit !!!! it's impossible it's a mixtape !!!!

  6. ^^^^ i need a link!!!

    there`s just that pre release mixtape but not the real album!!!


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