Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Missy Elliott gives us the making of "Get Ur Freak On"

This month's Vibe Magazine features picks of the mags' best summer jams of the last decade. Their pick for 2001 is the Bhangra banger "Get Ur Freak On." Ever wondered the behind the scenes of the track, video, and remix? Well let Missy answer your questions:

Vibe: How'd you feel when you first heard Timbaland's beat for "Get Your Freak On"?

Missy: I knew the beat was crazy, but sometimes there are records that you don't even know what to put on it because they're so ill. I was like, "Tim, you sure this isn't too far left that people won't get it? It sounds like some Japanese stuff mixed with a hip hop beat." When it blew like that, I realized there was a whole other part of the world that people were ready for. It was a good thing.

Vibe: The Bhangra beat fused with an Asian flair really worked

Missy: I knew I needed something to get the club jumping. There happened to be a Japanese janitor at the studio, so I had him come-with his mop and stuff-and record that part in Japanese (which translates to "From this point, everyone's going to be dancing recklessly. Let's make some noise, let's make some noise....") It was crazy.

Vibe: Was the video your concept?

Missy: I used to watch [director] Dave Meyer's movies. He has a lot of things that attracted my attention-like the colors he uses. Also, I watched The Cell with Jennifer Lopez and played the record up against it and thought maybe we could do something like that-have the girls in white and give it a scary movie vibe. I told him I felt like hanging from a chandelier. WE just started feeding off each other.

Vibe: And the remix with Nelly Furtado? Your pick?

Missy: People in hip hop didn't know who she was. I saw her on MTV and like who is this girl? Her voice is dope. I didn't even know she rapped. I thought she was just going to sing on it, but when she got in the studio, she started flowing on some different kind of style and flow. I was like "This is going to change hip hop."

My message to Missy (and Tim for that matter): don't underestimate your fans, take us left.....please. Oh and Missy, we know there wasn't a janitor, Japanese or otherwise.


  1. Exactly please take us far left its what got them to this point today.

  2. "My message to Missy (and Tim for that matter): don't underestimate your fans, take us left.....please. Oh and Missy, we know there wasn't a janitor, Japanese or otherwise."

    Amen Boogie...we need that funk.

  3. Yo J, you might be confused on what Missy was talking about. When she's talking about the Japanese janitor, she's talking about the intro to Get Ur Freak On, not the Indian vocal sample that comes in the middle of the song. I'm not sure tho if this is a true story or not (it kind of reminds me of Tim's story of getting someone who worked for blackground to hum the spiderman theme for "Here we come")

  4. Well playa hummed the spiderman theme for here we come...

  5. Tim and missy are 2 of the biggest liars ever, lol. But Czars right shes talking bout the intro

  6. Wow thanks Czar for clearing that up, I never could tell the difference between a Japanese sample versus an Indian one. It's a good thing you're always there to help out. Then again you are the incredible Czar, sample master.

    A Japanese janitor with his mop just happened to be at the studio at the exact time to help out with the "Japanese sounding" beat.

    Right....makes perfect sense.

  7. Wow Boogie, you sure like to put the sarcasm on pretty heavy. Did I say you were 100% positvely confused? No. I said you *might* be confused; saying that there's a possibility. I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page that she was talking about the intro and not the middle part.

  8. a japanese janitor? people from japan ain't mopping floors fools.

    they buy the floors.

  9. J might just be talking some sense about the janitor...think about it! Also the beat dont even sound Japanese anyways and her saying mixed with hiphop... come on bhangra and hiphop are very different but if she said african drums she may just have got away with it

  10. Impeach J. Booger

  11. Everyone knows the language spoken at the beginning isn't Japanese.

  12. ^^ Then what language is it????

  13. It's Hindu or Indian i think but not japanese.

  14. It's Japanese. I speak Japanese. I know.


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