Monday, June 9, 2008

DJ Timmy T confirmed on N.E.R.D's "Everyone Nose"

Make sure to check out this month's Remix magazine and go behind the scenes of the creation of N.E.R.D's Seeing Sounds coming out tomorrow. In the article The 'Tunes confirm that Timbaland did contribute to their hit "Everyone Nose" and that inronically Missy Elliott was the inspiration behind the song:

Meanwhile, the raucous “Everybody Nose” began with Williams’ beat, which was inspired by a chance viewing of a rare video clip, shown to N.E.R.D by Missy Elliott.

“That starts with an acoustic bass patch off a Roland 5080,” Coleman [Andrew Coleman, N.E.R.D's engineer] explains from N.E.R.D’s home base (Hovercraft Studios) in Virginia Beach, Va. “The beat was all Pharrell; he programmed it on the Korg 01/W, and the drums came off the Triton Extreme. That was inspired by the Baltimore B-More sound. We were working with Missy Elliott, and she was talking about this dance she saw someone doing to B-More house music. She showed this video to Pharrell, and he lost his mind, the way these people were dancing and these crazy beats. Timbaland is scratching in there, too. The big Latin section is again, all Pharrell — all the same instruments; he just flipped the programming. The song is about girls doing cocaine in the bathroom. That is the breakdown in the middle, if you can imagine a girl who is totally coked out of her mind dancing and sweating. That is the Latin club explosion part, mostly programmed beats with some buckets.”

We'll have official liner notes tomorrow!


  1. omg!! this was already my favorite songs and then to know timbaland...OMG!!! such a surprise me likey

  2. BossPlayya checkin in. Timbo doesnt appear in the notes for the cd...probably an uncredited contribution.

  3. haha in ur face to da person who stated before that timbo cudnt scratch


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