Friday, June 20, 2008

Czar's Sample of the Week: The Unreleased Tracks Pt ?

What's up fellow Timstans?!?!?! Today's Friday, and for followers of The Chronicles, Friday used to be the day for Czar's Sample of the Week. I've been laying low for a minute, but I decided to resurface, thanks to Boogie, after seeing the comments and e-mails that people sent about bringing back Czar's Sample of the Week. I want to thank everyone for all their messages and for supporting the entire Czar's Timbo Sample Mix series! But enough talking, let's get straight to the samples!

Now, if people remember when I released Czar's Timbo Sample Mix Volume 8, I said that there were a few tracks that didn't end up making the final cut. This happens for a number of reasons, and I usually end up putting the tracks that didn't make the cut off one volume on the subsequent one, but since Volume 8 was my last volume, they remained unreleased tracks...until now.

I've decided to showcase two samples (from many) that didn't make the final cut on Volume 8. The first sample comes from Playa's "Your Dress." Now, some of the Timstans might wonder how there's a sample to "Your Dress" when it's an a capella track. Well, take a listen to "Never Be True" by the Queen of Memphis Soul, Carla Thomas. Not only do the tracks have a similar sonic feel (Playa's vocals and the piano in Thomas' track), but the guitar in 0:28 of Thomas' song was sampled in the chorus of "Your Dress."

The second sample comes from Torrey Carter's song "O.K." featuring Petey Pablo and Trick Daddy. Well, we all know how much Tim loves Fela Kuti, and here again we find yet another Fela song that Tim has sampled. Ever wonder where the intro "you not gon die..." to "O.K." comes from? Well, it samples Fela's song "You no go die...unless" off his 1976 album "Na Poi."

So that's it for Czar's Sample of the Week. Now I can't promise that I will make this a weekly thing like before, but you never know when you might see another installment of Czar's Sample of the Week...or maybe even Volume 9... =)



  1. Awesome, I love these, so interesting! Keep it up Czar!

  2. Super Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks lek!! =)

    I love your posts!


  3. Show off LOL! Much love Czar, told you :)

  4. hey wat happened to the post that was up few hours ago bout madonna and the 4 minutes production from demo cant see it

  5. Nice finds as always, Czars 1 hell of a digger for real and LOL come on man why u gotta tease us by mentioning "Volume 9"

  6. the pimp is back!
    glad to see you around again!
    keep up the good work!!!!

  7. ^^ haha the sample pimp is back indeed

  8. czar have you seen or hear this
    The Elastik Band - Spazz
    and timbo's
    Timbaland feat. The Hives - Throw It On Me

  9. everyone loves Czar!! unlike Jboogie

  10. LOL! Y'all need to stop dogging on Boogie. The heart and dedication that he puts in this site is insane. I only have to upmost respect for J.

    Thanks for the props everyone (lek!). And kingshit, yeah I know about the "throw it on me" sample. I actually posted it here on the anniversary of The Chronicles last year:

  11. damn where was i i read this blog everyday


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