Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Update on Danja

Here is a bulletin Danja left last night via his myspace page:

what up folks!! its been a while since i chimed in but im still here!!!

im sittin here in the studio right now listening to the ''incredible lago'' mix the hell outta my artist (kc...kevin cossum) the record is huge i want yall to hear it so bad!!....i could'nt be more proud of how it sounds and how this entire project is coming out!!! for those who dont know kc has been buzzin in the industry for a lil minute now...u singing his hooks right now and dont even know it!! ace hood's cash flow....rick ross's speeding....jeezys go getta! to name a few....but his album is gonna be one of the most incredible bodies of work to be released in the near future....right now were mixing it i never been more excited about some music ever!! also....street power 2 is done!!! youll have it soon!!!! wyld been in beast mode!!! he has some records killin the A right now...we starting the west coast street power as well!! i had to switch my style for that one....yes!!! i can switch! lol!! anyway we still comin!! other than that....can yall keep secrets? lol!

i got some heat for britney spears...shhhhhhh!! i been grinding!!!! got the new missy single ''bes bes'' tip ''no matter what'' cassie '' official girl'' and more to come.....hope u all seen the billboard cover! a definate proud moment for me!! but if u know me @ all u would that doesnt mean anything cuz i feel like i havent done a thing yet!!! im startin a mixtape series call the fortune 500!!! im about to go in hard and crush the streets with 500 original beats from..through remixes new joints what eva..!! anyway i appreciate allllll the support and looove from everybody!! u gotta realize im just like yall and all this music biz stuffnis still new to me!! but im learning,,,im grinding....staying focused and humble!! imma try and keep yall posted a lil more oh and yea my myspace will be updated with new pics! and music lol!!!! oh yea look out for the viva la lago t-shirts!! they crazy!!!!! lol!

500 original beats!? Damn!


  1. I don't think Danja wrote it. Sounds like some crazy fan did.

  2. Yeah even though there's a link to the bulletin from Danja's myspace, I still think some crazy fan wrote it. Riiiight.....

  3. 500 original beats lol. He is so dumb.

    "Sounds like some crazy fan did"

  4. Danja always seemed like an electronica artist to me. The sounds, the changing of style, just general experimentation... sounds like something another favorite artist of mine has done.

    But, i hope that Fortune 500 contains some instrumentals for us.

    & working with Brandy! can't wait to hear her harmonize on a Danja beat. Plus, i wonder how Danja plans on getting KC's music to us.

  5. lol that was danja alright

    I can see the fortune 500 taking the path of something like the madlib: beat konducta/MF DOOM: Special Herbs series style of track layouts

    KC is going to be BIG.

  6. I can't wait to hear what he has for Brandy he is the go to guy right now.

  7. yooo danja and pink shoukd be hot!!! and i allready cant wait for brits new album!!!!!

  8. What else can be said but WOW!!...and I'm inspired by the words alone imagine what the music will do.

  9. there is a new track over at izza kizzas myspace called "hello" sound hot

  10. i presume kc is the kc on that track on the step up thingy soundtrack, say cheese. that track is ridicolous! easily one of danja's best.


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