Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bjork and Utada Hikaru talk Timbaland

Bjork definitely makes a great point, has Timbaland become a genre?


  1. J,

    That Madonna video isn't related to Timbaland, I think you have the wrong url based code.

    Although I love how she subliminally sexually jokes...

  2. Thanks bro, keep it coming! Oh... and stop using that anony, I know who you are!

  3. Hey, venture bro, my music is better:

  4. ha ha Nate, I'm gonna catch up! lol See ya around!

  5. yo i'm the dude that bashed ur music in that danjahandz interview thread venture bro, that dude above is some other dude that agrees with me, oh u called me a "hater" though which i'm not, just stating the truth...

  6. Yeah, I'm working in the studio with T.I. right now. You can come any time you want :)

  7. nice words from bjork, and when does ttcc organize another 'make your own beat on a timbo vocal thingy'??

  8. lol Get a life, I can't believe you wasting your time. Please go listen to my old crappy music, I encourage you. Last years work, this years reviews. You dudes hilarious.

    Oh, and to the nate wanna be, I doubt Danja would waste his time... get a life.

    How did I garnish this hate so quickly? I''m not even widely known! This is super-fantastic!

    Click the name everyone for the crappy music! lol

    I LLOVE HIKARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. I don't know what "time wasting" you are talking about, kid. I suggest you to wake up, and realize, that nobody is hating on you, and your music is average (not crappy, but average). I'm writing this shit, because it sounds so funny when you say "How did I garnish this hate so quickly?" etc. Come back to reality, kid :)
    P\S: I'm not "Nate wannabe", I am just his huge fan.

  10. Whatever. The old work on my page is crappy not average, so whatever. You've never heard my latest work.

    Sciddattle kid. Know why you hate? You come into a section of discussion about what Bjork and Utada are saying about Tim, and you come in here saying my music, you and your other anony. So funny, that is hate little kid. Either put your music up, or shut up.

  11. Bjork does have a weird accent lol

    what happened to the madolla vid?

    Utada is cool... cute but only a couple of songs i like from her

    oh... and venture bro dont worry about those haters... them gonna be them same niggas riding yo dick in the future when they blasting yo shit on the radio.. ask tim, dre, kanye, etc...

    so easy to say you aren't hating but it is so clear lol

    DMV stand up!

    more timbo news!!!!!!!!!

  12. "so easy to say you aren't hating but it is so clear lol"

    lol :D i know hater when i c one... he is hating!

    yo culd somebody comfirm this?

    Kyonte' ft Timbaland!

  13. venture bro, you won't make fans acting like this, most of the thomas crown chronicles people hate you already :D

  14. ^^

    lol this the same guy on an anon account expressing his hate for anther guy on a blog :D

    venture bro or whatever the hell your name is, keep doing yo thang nigga!

  15. Thanks you all who spoke the truth, much appreciated!

    It would be wonderful if we can stay on topic, but those haters always comes along. Bet you those the same guys that be trying to diss J. Boogz all the time out of the blue.

  16. "What a waste of space here. Bottom line...stop promoting yourself on this blog, jackass."

    Co signs-

  17. This is how I interpreted it, but I don't think she was referring to Tim as becoming a genre, but more that she didn't view him based on his genre, rather by his musical talent.

  18. by his genre.. i meant hip-hop lol

  19. timbo the king, i was only kidding, do you take everything serious, get a life pls if you do


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