Monday, June 16, 2008

You remember Nox from his feature on Scott Storch's Timbaland "diss" track from way back? Well here's a video of him speaking on the current situation:

Glad that whole thing is over.


  1. ha ha he would say that being that Scott Storch is nowhere and Timbo is at number one...

    Anyway, that beef couldn't have lasted because Missy was on his record "Big Nox".

    I HATE rap beefs, they're so lame and I never thought Timbaland would get involved with that nonsense. "Give It 2 Me" was such a waste of a Timbo/JT/Danja/Nelly collabo, I hope they do another one without an agenda this time..

  2. ha ha and yeah anon. I can't believe people still spell his name like that when he's actually become bigger than the brand itself!

  3. He sure is and he is a genre

  4. LOL @ "TIMBERLAND" and "EVERY BODY"....

    anybody kno how 2 "spell check"???

  5. does any1 the title of that track in the video???

    post here plz. cheers

  6. its crazy how that song hes rapping over is produced by danja in the background.

  7. The original track is called So Done (Remix) by Jeannie Ortega, produced by Danjahandz

  8. ^^^
    Yes, lol @ him and 'Tuff Jew' dissin Danja too, and then usin tht instru as a background joint.

  9. damn i been tryin to get my hands on that song forever... if it ain't on lime wire, then you tube rip?

    just like that bonus fantasia song.

    and it's

    pretty sure it's not nox/ that goes against all the laws of HTTP


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