Thursday, June 26, 2008

Izza Kizza talks Timbaland

If there was a contest for the most press these days who would win, Izza, Keri, or Missy? Here's a great interview with Kizza talking about this new songs, working with Soul Diggaz and Timbo, and the future. Check it out: : Speaking of production, you’re signed with Timbaland’s Mosely Music. How much impact will he have on your album as opposed to Soul Diggaz?

Izza Kizza : Timbaland is one of the greatest producers on the planet. : Definitely.

Izza Kizza : So, I think that the combination of the three is really gonna be unstoppable. We looking forward to it being unstoppable. I got a lot of great ideas for Tim. When I sat down with em, he was telling me, ‘hey man, I got the formula; I know how to make hit records.’ And I was like, ‘oh my God! Teach me dude!’ I feel like, once we get in the studio we gonna just take what we have higher-take it to a higher level. I think it’s gonna have a great impact on the movement with Soul Diggaz as well. : How soon do you expect to really get down to business with Timbaland?

Izza Kizza : Well…I’m not gonna really…Timbaland’s a busy man. We try to get the machine going because these days the industry is about movements; nobody’s signing a artist; nobody’s signing a pretty boy anymore; nobody’s signing a cute girl; if she don’t know how to dance or sing, they ain’t signing her. : Real rap.

Izza Kizza : They don’t have time to develop artists. We’re coming up with the full-we’re gonna try to put everything that we got into it, and all our ideas, and just try to portray Kizza as what we see. And then, Tim being the spectacular producer that he is, I know he gon just come in and topple it-just take everything over the top. I listened to em ever since I was a young boy-the Missy and Timbaland movement; I loved Missy; I loved Timbaland. And just being in the midst of those two people, it inspires me a lot. I want to be able to take music to Tim and for Tim to be like, ‘oh snap! You know what we could do?’ He puts his Timbo touch on it and it makes a hit record. : Definitely. On the business side, Timbaland had the Beat Club label a few years ago and that didn’t exactly pan out in the long run for a few of the artists. So what made signing with Mosely Music so attractive for you?

Izza Kizza : I don’t really know about what he went through with the whole Beat Club situation. For me, it’s a honor. You understand? It’s like, you have a great artist that you follow, that you love-like me with Outkast; Outkast is my favorite group on the planet. I don’t care if they record come out and sell two copies, I’ma go buy it. So true fans, win or lose, they with you all the way and that’s what I believe in. I’ll stick with Tim…me being able to sign with the guy is beyond any of my dreams. It was crazy! When I was younger I would of never thought, ‘yea, I’ma be signed to Timbaland;’ it was real far fetched. But I love his music anyway. I wasn’t into the business aspect and all of it, I just was a listener. So now that I hear a lot about the business, I don’t really care about the business.

I was listening to how he said ‘Shock Value’ was supposed to be bringing the hit back to music-bringing the swag back to the industry; making music-making different music again and actually having something to say and expressing yourself in many different ways. I think, as far as Beat Club goes, stuff happens. I’m sure a lot of the artists he had were great artists, but sometimes shit don’t go exactly where you want it. But for me, signing with Timbaland is like, ‘woooow!’ If I don’t make a hit record, I can always say ‘I was signed to Timbaland. It’s about now and getting the great music out there now-making the best records that we can now.

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Thanks to Big A on the find.


  1. wow, hes a timbalan stan like us :)

  2. omfg! i cant wait for his album!!!
    probably coming out 2009 tho :(
    same for that sound garden dude i for got his name but im really excited for his album too!

  3. I'm not convinced yet. If he doesn't make a single worthy song, and it gets heavy rotation, he will get dropped.

    MMG, is definitely not Beat Club 2. To speak on one artist, they have Omarion.


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