Friday, August 10, 2007

Unsolved Mysteries #1: Timbaland VS. Busta Rhymes

I alluded to mysteries in my last post on purpose as I'm going to try a new idea and see how well it works. The whole Chronicles team doesn't even know about this so let's see what they think. I need your help so the more participation in these mysteries the better. Let's see if you can solve it.....

Did Timbaland or Busta Rhymes give one another the idea to use the Night Rider sample?

- Timbaland's "Clock Strikes (Remix)" samples the theme from Night Rider
- Busta Rhymes "Turn It Up (Remix) -Fire It Up" samples the theme from Night Rider
- Busta Rhymes When Disaster Strikes album was released in September of 1997
- Timbaland's Welcome To Our World album was released in November of 1997
- The single "Clock Strikes (Remix)" was released on April 14, 1998.
- The single "Turn It Up (Remix) - Fire It Up" was released on April 21st, 1998.
- Timbaland is credited as the producer of "Clock Strikes (Remix)"
- Busta Rhymes is credited as producer and Spliff Star as co-producer of "Turn It Up (Remix) - Fire It up"

- Busta was featured on the Timbaland produced, Missy Elliott album Supa Dupa Fly released in July of 1997
- A friendship is assumed to be made as Busta has worked with Tim off and on over the last 10 years

Can you solve the mystery?


  1. Well... From these clues u've given, if i was to put anything together ("In MY! opinion"), i'd say... Lets assume
    A tracc was made/completed in Timmy's studio bacc then, Busta Bus came by, coz Missy wanted to feature him in a tracc... He & Missy listens to other beats Timmy cooked & there, they came across the untitled tracc which busta luvs so much (but mayb cudn't afford it). After the traccs(he & missy) was made & the months pass, Busta tries to imitate what he heard long b4 @ Tim Studio, finally he got it, make it as his own, put it in his album(coz mayb he figurd Timmy aint gonna use it coz bacc then he still the Prince of sicc beats). But unfortunatly, Timmy's remix came out b4 His(Busta) & sound almost alike(this is whurr the relationship took place i think"lol") because they wer gonna be interviews on hw the traccs sound familiar to Timmy's one both of them wud av made up stories & bla bla bla.
    There u hv it guys, My opinion on what happnd, i hp i cud find somthin other than mine that feels real...

  2. Oh & Ps... Yow J!, this iz a good post, i think i'd like more of these "Unsolvd Mystries"... Good one!

  3. Lol how is this a mystery?

    Two guys use the same sample.. The tracks sound similar.. Thats inevitable if you just loop up the same sample

  4. my homie Boogie...we already had this convo :) u couldnt resist haha. I mean its just the same VERY FAMOUS sample and both of them used it, that's it.

  5. Naaa I don't believe in the coincidence of using this particular sample. Especially with the timing of their albums and their friendship.

    Someone gave the other the idea....

  6. as far as i remember, tim came first wit it. Vid and album. (he put the remix on there2, busta released it after album came out as a b-side remix)
    so as far as im concerned tim did it first. But the sample can only really b cut 1 one way to give it "knight rider" loop.

    unlike the nina simone sample for "get by" by Kanye, which tim also used in shock value.

  7. it's a good question...but not a real big mystery though...

  8. if you would get the sausage out of your mouth for a minute, you could just see that this isn't that big of a deal....they both used the same why would would tim be like "hey busta u should use this" or watever that just doesn't make sense....people use the same samples all the time josh, its no mystery, its music

  9. maybe the timbo beat was on a cd he was shopping round!
    Busta hear the great idea and "remade" it.
    Cause why pay timbo AND pay for sample use?

    I think it was around that time the big producers changed the way they shopped beats. To prevent "remakes" of their beats.

    Instead of sending cd's round they invited to "come ,listen and buy"

  10. the turn it up remix wasn't on the busta album...only the original turn it up was which didn't sample night yes timbo's one can out first...nov 97 vs. april 21, 98...


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