Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Timbaland to work with Omarion and Bow Wow

O and Bow Weezy as he calls himself now are working on a new project called Face Off set to be released December 4th. One of the tracks "Designated Driver" has already leaked on the net. They want to keep the project fun while accomplishing the same chemistry as Jay Z and R. Kelly had (pre-concert that is). "We respect what R. Kelly and Jay-Z did, but that was what they created," Omarion explained about the comparisons between Face Off and Jay-Z and R. Kelly's Best of Both Worlds. "What we created is Bow and O. The topics most people think we wouldn't talk about, we're talking about." "In the past, we would make a song like we're gonna take this girl to the restaurant Nobu," Bow elaborated. "Now it's gonna be, we take this girl to Nobu, then I'm gonna take her back to the Trump Towers and I'm gonna put her in my bed and I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do to the girl when she's in my bed."

Schedulued to be working with the duo are R. Kelly, T-Pain, Lil' Ronnie (who produced "I'm A Flirt") and Timbaland. More guest artists and producers are planned for the album through the next coming months. Notably absent is long time Bow Wow mentor Jermaine Dupri. Bow Wow wants to step out on his own, creating a new sound and bringing a new vibe for Bow Wow fans. JD has been nothing but supportive of the duo. "I had a vision of where it should be," JD said. "[Bow] and O, they wasn't really on it. They wanted to cater to a different crowd this time. They getting older, and I guess they felt I was gonna keep them in the same spot and cater to their fans — which I was. I don't believe in fixing something that ain't broke. We continue to sell records like that. But sometimes an artist feel they wanna do something different, so I felt it was time to say, 'OK, I'mma let them do it. Y'all got a vision, y'all done talked, y'all two are kicking it more than me, and I'mma let y'all do your thing.' I'm not one to hold nobody up from what they wanna do. I got a gang of other sh-- I can be doing. I let them breathe. As young men, that's what you need. At some point, you gotta have that. You could see what other people be going through and how much work it takes. This makes them think a lot harder."

I have a feeling that despite the fact that Timbaland is scheduled to work with these guys, The Royal Court will be the producers behind any tracks for them. We'll have to wait and see.

More on the project

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  1. yeah i agree i cant see tim in the studio with these clowns...just have one of ur ghost producers give these guys a wack ass track...that every one will say is hot just cause it has the timbo stamp of approval


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