Saturday, August 4, 2007

Artist Update: Money

Here is another idea coming to life with what I hope will be a long and continual series of Timbaland affiliated artist updates. There have been many producers, song writers, and artists who have embraced The Chronicles and have been cool enough to take the time out of their busy schedules to answer a few questions on their upcoming projects. We have been blessed to have some exlcusive interviews, news, and music and we plan on continuing to bring you all things Timbaland for many more years to come.

First up for our artist update series is Money who we exclusively featured on The Chronicles last month. She has recently updated her myspace with her bio (which I had the pleasure of writing) and 2 new track snippets "Touch" and "Check That Bitch". You can hear the Prince influence big time in all of her tracks as he has been a long standing inspiration for her. I even dare to say "Fantasy" samples Prince's "Rasberry Beret." Money is currently working with various producers and looking to have an album completed soon.

Money's Myspace

Stop by her page, take a listen to her tracks, add her as a friend, leave her a voice message if you want, and give her some feedback. She's working really hard to carve a unique niche for herself in the music world and she definitely is all about the fans so stop by and say what's up. Check back on her myspace soon for a video of her choreography. The Millenium Dance Complex in LA is one of the best dance studios in the world and they have produced legendary choreographers and dancers so as a pupil I'm sure Money got some skills!

What are your opinions on Money's new tracks?

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  1. Found some sort of Beyonce video which is a Timbaland remix. Not sure if its new but its not on the production list. Found it here:


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