Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bubba & Timbo reunited?

Working with Tim again is a possibility that Bubba is not ruling out and I'm sure Bubba and Timbo fans alike would love to see happen. Bubba has a new record in the works and will be releasing a mixtape Survive Till Ya Thrive August 17th off his label New South. Here's a recent interview with Bubba where he talks about his new project, his growing pains on Purple Ribbon, and the possible future with Polow's Zone 4.

Bubba Sparxxx on HiphopDX

****HHDX: Are you working with Collipark, Organized Noize, Timbaland…
Bubba Sparxxx: Yeah, all the usual suspects. I’ma try to get with Timbaland again. Even though I haven’t spoken to him in awhile, I’ma try to get with Tim. Polow [Da Don] will be on the album. Mr. Collipark, Organized Noize, and I’ma give a lot of up-and-comers a shot this time around. I can bring light to any beat. I don’t necessarily think that for me to have a hit record I need a superstar producer’s name attached to it.

HHDX: Now you mentioned Timbaland. He only produced 1 song on The Charm. And you weren’t on his album, Shock Value. So what is your guys’ relationship at this point?
Bubba Sparxxx: Really, we don’t have one at this point. I know if I see Tim it’s all love. I’ll always have the deepest amount of respect for him. But we don’t speak regularly. He works very closely with Polow. And Polow is like my brother. So I keep up with him thru Polow, and Attitude as well. Attitude is around Tim quite a bit. I keep up with him thru them. And he kinda keeps up with me thru them too.*****

Personally I think Bubba is a classic example of the ups and downs of the music biz. He releases his 1st album with a huge first single by an A list producer. Dude is mad creative, he's got the skills to boot, and gains acclaim from fellow MCs and fans alike. He releases 2 other singles all of which are unique in their own way and help his debut album go Gold.

On his 2nd album, Bubba goes all out with creativity. Bubba and Tim put their heart and soul into Deliverence and they've both said that many times. Though critically lauded as one of the best albums of the year (and one of the best Tim ever produced), commercially the album doesn't do well. Discouraged but still ready to give it a go, Bubba says "alright then if ya'll ain't feelin' me on the conscious tip I'll make some club bangers." He drops "Ms New Booty", track is HUGE, drops solid album, but yet again it doesn't do well by industry standards.

It's a classic example of even if the critics love you that doesn't mean your album will sale, or even if you work with huge producers it doesn't mean the fans will buy your music, or even if you put out a HUGE first single the label doesn't always have your back.

I agree with 100% with Bubba, he's top 10 in the South and add to that dude is a tenacious fighter who's still ready to put out new music despite his struggles. Instead of complaining about his past, Bubba's got his eyes on the future.

Props to Big A for the interview.

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  1. that'd be sweet if they did a reunion. we need more songs like "deliverance"!!!


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