Thursday, August 2, 2007

Timbaland to work with Celine Dion

Timbaland has mentioned it before as well as MIA in he last interview but it seems to be confirmed that Timbaland will be working with Celine Dion on her forthcoming album. Check out this article:

****After putting Nelly Furtado ("Promiscuous") and Justin Timberlake ("SexyBack") on the top of the pop heap for most of 2007, Timbaland has teamed up with the multi-million-album selling singer for her upcoming fall release. It's a strategic musical makeover -- one that blends Dion's power ballads with hip-hop, R&B and rock tunes penned by R. Kelly, Ne-Yo and other artists.

Timbaland is a guy who's got a gift for writing catchy hooks and strong, catchy beats," says Corey. "The thing that makes him so interesting as an artist and a producer is that what he does is hip-hop, but not really. It's pop, but not really. It's hip-hop with a flair and that makes it appealing to listeners from either side of the fence."

Choosing Timbaland to revive Dion's career was a smart move says Corey. "At any given moment there is always one hotter-than-hot producer and Timbaland is definitely that at the moment. Working with Justin Timberlake put him right up there and frankly when you've got Justin singing over Timbaland's great beat you just can't lose."*****

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I have to be honest I'm really on the fence about this decision. On one hand Tim is doing exactly what he said he wanted to do and that's do pop, break top 40 records consistently, and bring pop to the streets but when I think that Timbo has no qualms passing up opportunities to work with such visionary artists like M.I.A, who is really pushing the musical envelope right now, I have to wonder if we've lost the creative Timbaland forever. Your thoughts?

Props to April and my man Jono for this information.


  1. If Tim can make Celine Dion bearable, he really is the King...but he needs to work with better artists who have been getting overlooked and break them into the Top 40, not old has-beens...

  2. I don't imagine that anything he could do for Celine Dion would be different from what Tim did for Brandy's Afrodisiac... except Brandy is R&B, and Celine Dion . . . though I don't mind her music, she's, like timbofan said, not relevant.

  3. i think that timbo is puttin himself out there far too much, people are gonna start gettin sick of him soon, he needs to read the 48 laws of power lol

  4. tim is gettin up. he's been up, and that's where he wants to stay.

    i think tim sometimes loses his ground, passing up m.i.a., but i think that was a mutual decision right?

    if working with celine dion is his new mountain to climb, so bet it.. that just sets new bars for future producers.


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