Monday, August 27, 2007

Artist Update: Jim Beanz

If you aren't familiar with Jim Beanz yet I highly suggest you get to know him. The dude is going to be a MAJOR force to reckon with as he continues his vocal, writing, and production domination. "Da Millennium Kid" is with the Sunset Entertainment Group (along with Amar) and has steadily made a himself into a household name. Noted for his exquisite vocal production, amazing voice, on point writing skills, and high quality production, Jim Beanz is on this way to being the next best all around artist.

Check your liner notes: that's Beanz on Nelly's "Maneater", "Promiscuous", "No Hay Igual", ""Say It Right", and "All Good Things" as well as being the sole vocal producer for the album. That's Beanz who co-wrote and vocal produced Danity Kane's "Want It" and "Right Now". Diddy's "After Love" is co-written by Beanz. Check M.I.A's "Come Around" yes there's Beanz again as the vocal producer. That's Beanz who co-produced Shakira's "Animal House." That's Beanz credited as vocal producer for Katherine McPhee's "Dangerous", "Open Toes", and "Neglected". The man is everywhere! The man is everywhere!

Beanz is on Tim's Shock Vaue too. He did vocal production on "Release" and background vocals on "Come and Get Me." What sealed the deal for me on what an amazing talent Jim Beanz is has to be the end of "Bombay" where he goes out of his mind with all those layers of vocals.

Then there's Beanz work with Timbo on projects by Duran Duran, Dima Bilan, and Keri HIlson on tracks some of which we've heard and some of which are coming up. Plus there's all the projects from Beanz/Timbo we haven't and may never hear including work with Fergie, JC Chasez, HIlary Duff, and Gwen Stefani.

And Beanz isn't stopping there. He has projects coming up with Amar, a new artist from the UK Lemar, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake's 1st artist Esmee, Debroah Cox, and Kylie Minogue. He also will have at least 2 tracks on Ashanti's next album. Remember the Samantha Jade tracks we talked about a few days ago? Jim Beanz co-produced "Eyez On Me" with Timbaland as well as another track called "Make You Love Me" with Timbo and King of The Royal Court.

The biggest news though, that we bring you exclusively on The Chronicles, is Jim Beanz worked with Jennifer Hudson in London along with Timbaland and Hannon Lane. Jim assisted on her 1st single called "Pocketbook" featuring Ludacris. I'm telling you do not sleep on this guy. He is very well respected by many in the industry and it's more than obvious that people are appreciating all the talents he has to offer. Be on the lookout for more from the multi-talented Jim Beanz.


  1. he was fantastic at the end of bombay, dont sleep on this guy

  2. household name? not exactly, but i'm looking forward to the jennifer hudson!

  3. Isn't he in "The Way I Are"?

  4. Actually that isn't Beanz on "The Way I Are". I thought it was too this whole time but it isn't. I have no idea who that is, I'm still trying to find out.

  5. The vocal production on "Right Now" is INCREDIBLE!!!!! That song alone seals the deal for me.

  6. while this doesn't pertain to your conversation, you may want to change your Danja Handz myspace link.

  7. Not at all related to Beanz either, but holy shit, have you heard the Bloody Beetroots remixes of Throw It On Me and Miscommunication? They are ridiculous! Crazy stuff. Get on it!

  8. Wanted thanks the link is now fixed.

    Dave they are good definitely, I'm thinking about working them into a post I've been putting together for the last couple of weeks. Thanks for the info!

  9. His vocal production on "Loose" was banging. I loved how Nelly sounded on the Timbaland & Danja joints on the record.

  10. Jim deserves every bit of success he gets. I was blessed enough to work with him on my project as well as a few other artists, and I can tell you that this guy was always driven. Music has always been his number one priority, so it doesn't amaze me at all that he has met the success that he has. Do your thing Jim. We should all be so blessed.

  11. Jimmy taught me everything i know about production. I've known Jim since i first had aspirations of being a producer in the late 90's i remember banging out tracks in the basement. Moving onto our ASAP days where we really developed a sound like no other. I always knew big things were destined for us. I am overly joyous and excited that Jim has made it and is doing what he was called to do since his Band Major days and Versatile... Congrats homie... i'll see u soon!

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