Thursday, August 9, 2007

So Why Was Tim Just a Bonus Track?

Check out this interview with M.I.A where she talks about working with Timbaland for Kala

************Pitchfork: Let's talk about the people who actually did play a part on this record. The song with Timbaland is particularly interesting, because that doesn't sound at all like a Timbaland beat to me.

M.I.A.: Yeah, he kind of made that beat on the day I got there. He was working quite leisurely, I thought.

Pitchfork: How'd you get him to do that? It's nice and light, he takes it kind of slow. Did he give you an array of things, or did he say "this is the beat" and you both agreed on it?

M.I.A.: He kind of made it there, while I was there, and it was like his old school stuff. But when I went there, he said he got really into Celine Dion and stuff like that. I don't know. He's a legend, though, and as a musician, I felt like I was dragging him through where he'd come from, you know, like the old school stuff. Making something more experimental, whereas he was going into areas that I knew more about, like he was going to work with Duran Duran and stuff like that. Timbaland was really amazing, but by the time I met him I already had most of the album done, so it was really difficult for me to make it work.

Pitchfork: That's why it's a bonus track?

M.I.A.: We kind of wrote poetry, I guess, I actually wrote that track for his own album and then we decided to share it, so I felt like it wouldn't make it but poetry or whatever. ************

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  1. J Boogie I try to send you email but it returns to me saying undeliverable. This is a different subject you can hear streaming audio of dd justin and timbo of night runner at entertainment It sounds different than the you tube one.

  2. M.I.A tellin' it like it is! Good post Nick!


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