Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Madonna "Candy Shop"

A very low quality snippet of a Madonna track called "Candy Shop" leaked last week. It was a media frenzy and a blogger's dream to say the least. As the dust settled, first reports said the track was produced by Timbaland and written by Justin Timberlake but then reports changed and the track was said to be produced by Pharrell Williams. After checking with various sources myself, there is no confirmation of who produced the track yet but none the less it does sound interesting. MTV had this to say about the track:

****Could a 17-second snippet of a song called 'Candy Shop' be a leak from Madonna’s upcoming album? Fans speculate that it’s of a track Madonna was working on with either Timbaland or Pharrell — but reps for none of the three camps would confirm.

'I have no comment about the song ’Candy Shop,’ ' Madonna’s longtime rep Liz Rosenberg told MTV News. 'Madonna has studio time booked and is continuing to work on her new CD. The songs are not mixed, and until that time, we can’t finalize the track list.' The yet-untitled album is due later this year. ****

Unfortunately due to possible legal action (Madonna is hard core when it comes to her tracks leaking) I can't post the "Candy Shop" snippet. However being the invesitagotor that I am, I can confirm that Timbaland, Hannon, Madonna, and Justin Timberlake were in London in the studio working on new music 2 weeks ago. From what was heard the tracks can only be described as yet a new sound for Madonna.

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