Monday, August 20, 2007

Lil' Eazy E "I Got That"

One of the first posts on The Chronicles way back in October was the news that Timbaland was working with Eazy E's son. The article has since been removed but fast forward 10 months and now we get to hear the track they created. Check it out:

Lil' Eazy E "I Got That" featuring Timbaland

Sounds like a T.I. beat, especially the chorus. I'm usually not a big fan of Tim rappin' but I have to admit I like his flow on this track. Hot debut single for the young Eazy. Big props to Jonathan for the link as well as for the track. Hopefully the HQ will be out soon.



  1. tim...please don't go in that direction!that sounded like something only an amateur would have done!hope this is the first and last time I hear smth like that form tim ever again :)!

  2. lol, he's dropped WAY WAY WAY worse beats than this...

  3. i really dislike it


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