Friday, August 3, 2007

~Interview Week~ (Day 5)

So here we've come to the last day of our interview week. In the midst of a VERY busy Timbo week, with Czar's amazing sample mix, some great Timstrumentals by Rod and Nick, and a new 50 video, I hope you all enjoyed these interviews. I plan to do some more themed weeks in the future so look out for them.

Ok I've talked about it since day #1 and now it's time to give it to you. Here's a recent interview Tim did yet again on BBC Radio 1Extra:

Timbo on Radio 1 (link is fixed)

Tim wants to sign Ginuwine? That's interesting to hear because there's been so many conflicting stories on their current relationship. A new track for Usher in the same vain as Fab's "Make Me Better"? Hmmm sounds really interesting to me. And I hope this is the last we hear of the Storch/Tim "beef."

Check the last minute of the interview, looks like the Justin, Nelly, Timbo, band is going to be a reality.


  1. Timmy be talkin lots of shit...i wonder how J-Que, King, and especially Danja feel about his comments about their solo productions...hmmm

  2. AYOOO plz see if you can find this track "Talib Kweli - The Nature" its produced by timbaland and danja, the track is on talibs new re-release of the album "ear drum"

  3. Why is Tim always ill during the interviews?

  4. I loved that interview it cleared up alot of things. Timbo tha King


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