Tuesday, August 7, 2007

M.I.A Kala liner notes

Here they are:

1. BAMBOO BANGA produced by MIA & Switch
2. BIRDFLU produced by MIA additional production by Switch
3. BOYZ produced by MIA & Switch
4. JIMMY produced by MIA & Switch
5. HUSSEL produced by MIA, Switch and Diplo
6. MANGO PICKLE DOWN RIVER produced by MIA and Morganics
7. 20 DOLLAR produced by Switch
8. WORLD TOWN produced by MIA & Switch
9. THE TURN produced by MIA and Blaqstarr
10. XR2 produced by Diplo additional production by Switch
11. PAPER PLANES produced by Diplo additional production by Switch
12. COME AROUND produced by Timbaland

*Japanese Bonus Tracks
13. FAR FAR produced by MIA and Switch
14. BIG BRANCH produced by Diplo aditional production by Switch
15. WHAT I GOT produced by Blaqstarr

So thankfully Timbaland did not produce "Jimmy." Now you're going to say "I told you Boogie, you were wrong." True I thought it was Tim and I based it on this article as well as multiple other sites that said so. I'm happy to be wrong on this track though.

Thanks to my man Rod for the info!


  1. thankfully? "Jimmy" is hot. And a hell of a lot more exciting than, say, "make me better."

  2. yup jimmy is the only good track besides bird flu and boyz on the album ..

  3. i was about to say.. tim u couldve done better.


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